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Central Park

When travelling one of the best ways to save money and get your biggest bang for your buck is to check out free things to do in the city you’re visiting. There are various free attractions in cities like museums, parks, churches and more. There are also free walking tours in big cities around the world. To me the best way to see and experience a city is walking its streets and alleys. Now you’re probably wondering ‘how can they be free?’ Most of them work off tips, so though you don’t necessary have to pay, because it’s ‘free’ but a tip of $5 or $10 is much appreciated, more if you can. One thing you are guaranteed with these free (tip based) walking tours is that the tour guide will ALWAYS give it their all.

There are various types of walking tours, some free, others for a small fee (usually under $20), some go by day, some by night, some looking for ghosts, others bring you to the main sights, some take you to the best food places, if it’s a walking tour you want there is a tour to suit your interests.

On my travels I’m always looking to save money, as to me more money saved equals more travel! So it’s no surprise I’ve taken advantage of free walking tours or those for a small fee, and I’ve always had great, entertaining and knowledgeable guides and it’s with pleasure I hand over a tip. One thing that is always true of all the tours I’ve gone on, no matter the type, no matter the place, the guides always give an insiders guide to the city and show you things you would not normally have noticed or read about in a guide book.

Where have I taken tours?

walking tours

I took the free Midtown Manhattan tour in New York City, that took us from the Grand Central Terminal past the New York Public library with its poetic sidewalk littered with quotes and the guide was proud to show us his New York City his genuine enthusiasm was contagious.

Philadelphia graveyard

Philadelphia graveyard

While in Philadelphia I took an evening walking tour that was a Ghost Tour.  The gentleman who guided the tour was dressed in 19th century garb with a lantern in hand to light our way, and he stayed in the character of a 19th century ghost hunter the entire evening adding even more intrigue to the tour through Philadelphia’s historic and haunted streets.


narrowest building in Amsterdam

My first free walking tour was in Amsterdam and strangely enough the young guy who gave the tour was also Canadian.  But this didn’t diminish his love and passion as well as feverous knowledge about Amsterdam, it’s country and history.

Among the various tours these were some of my favourites and have and will always recommend walking tours, even if all your tours consists of is you, your walking shoes and your guide book!

Do you take walking tours when you travel?


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