Favourite Cafes Around the World

Favourite Cafes From Around the World

One of the greatest things while traveling is seeking out quaint, character filled and delicious cafes in every city and village I visit.  Whether you’re people watching, merely enjoying a refreshment or engaging with the locals, cafes are a fantastic place to indulge in food, drinks and culture.  As an avid coffee lover I couldn’t resisted calling upon my fellow travel bloggers to see what their Favourite Cafes From Around the World were!

My pick

Esmeralda Cafe in Paris, France

Esmeralda Café is one of my favourite cafes is in the heart of Paris, right behind Notre Dame Cathedral.  How fitting this gem of a café should be named Esmeralda in the shadow of the Notre Dame.  I remember being so in need of rest after traipsing around Paris all day and was overjoyed to find a café with pleasant outdoor seating that wasn’t swarming with tourists.  The fresh crepes, the aroma of French coffee, the friendly gelato man next door and a view of the stunning Notre Dame Cathedral make for an amazing setting while I sat with latte in hand and watched the life of Paris unfold.

Brianna from The Casual Travelist

Cafe Tomaselli in Salzburg, Austria

Cafe TomaselliCafe Tomaselli was our introduction to Austrian cafe culture. You’ve got to love a culture that encourages you to linger over fancified coffee and delicious pastry for several hours. In operation since 1705 Cafe Tomaselli is a cultural icon and was frequented by Salzburg’s favourite son, Amadeus Mozart, as well as generations of the royal family. Service here hasn’t changed much since Mozart’s day; you’ll first be visited by the coffeehouse waiter, wearing his signature black dinner jacket and bow tie who will help you select your beverage. This is followed by the cake server, ladies in white aprons who present a tray of delectable cakes and pastries to choose from (I was tempted to tell her to leave the entire tray but I figured that would be a tad gluttonous). I opted for the traditional cafe melange, a cup of mocha with milk capped with whipped cream which is brought to the table on a silver tray with a glass of water. For desserts you could veer towards the traditional strudels, but I couldn’t resist the walnusstort (walnut cake)- layers of nutty cake with a light creamy frosting topped with a fondant of marzipan. Located in Salzburg’s Altstadt (Old Town) near the Cathedral this cafe is popular with both locals and tourists and is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dave from Cook Sip Go

Café Sperl in Vienna, Austria

Cafe SperlIt’s been a decade since I first walked in to Café Sperl in Vienna. It was one of my early solo transatlantic travels and I was excited to experience Vienna’s historic café culture. I had been reading about the city’s “Kaffeehäuser” in guidebooks for weeks and ended up in a hotel in Mariahilf, the same neighborhood as Sperl. The interior of the café did not disappoint: dark wood all around, billiards tables and plush chairs. On a table lay various newspapers on the wooden rods I used to see at the library when I was a kid. When a neatly dressed waiter stopped by, I ordered a mélange, the Viennese drink of coffee and whole milk, topped with steamed milk. Then I relaxed and soaked up the atmosphere of Café Sperl. There was no rush, no one ducking in and out for a quick cup. Just people enjoying their coffee and their newspaper. I’ve had coffee in many countries where the drink assumes an important role in society, but no café experience has matched that first morning in Vienna. That’s why the memory is still so clear ten years on.

Simona from Travel Hacks

Foxford in Bratislava, Slovakia

Foxford foodFoxford is one of my favourite places in Bratislava and I return there every time I’m around. Located right in the centre of the city, it’s one of the trendiest coffee shops I’ve ever seen. Decorated in witty and original style (expect shredders and colanders used as light shades and designer furniture) and combined with a small bookshop. Locals love this concept and regularly leave full stars reviews on the Facebook page. I, personally, can’t decide why I love this place more – for its cool atmosphere, delicious selection of cakes, beverages (including espresso in edible waffle cone) and snacks (and by snacks I don’t mean nuts and crisps but things like baguette with olive tapenade or fresh salads) or all those tiny details that make your visit perfect – like spreads in branded glass cups, comfy rocking chairs, friendly staff or free biscuit if you check-in on Foursquare. What I also appreciate is that Foxford is run by a group of smart people who know how to make customers happy. One of the owners is a respected graphic designer who created the whole identity, his wife creates all the recipes and the third guy is at the same time the owner of a bookstore chain in Slovakia that is acclaimed for their great customer service. The best combination for a great experience, if you ask me!

Samantha from The Wandering Wanderluster

The Globe Café in Prague, Czech Republic

Globe CafeQuietly tucked away in the back streets of Nove Mesto lies a cosy, quirky little hideaway called The Globe. A favourite with the local expat community this cute bohemian café is not only home to delicious coffee’s and some of Prague’s best home cooking but it’s also the first and best English bookstore in the city. There is nothing remotely Czech about this place which is why I love it! It reminds me a little of home.  This is the sort of café you can turn up to for a coffee and accidentally spend the entire day there. You can sit and people watch all day alone, artists, students, expats, writers are all frequent to this unique café. Many come to surf the net, mother’s meet for the daily gossip, students come to study while others simply come to zone out with a good book. It is my perfect place to escape from Prague’s tourist beat and unwind with a great atmosphere, a good book, scrumptious food and a good coffee!

Karen from Bewitched By Italy

Bar Gelateria Pasticceria Pizzicato in Vico del Gargano, Italy

KarencakesImagine a town where time seems to have stood still, and a café that has been at the heart of the community for more than 50 years. That sells cakes and ice creams to die for. This is the Bar Gelateria Pasticceria Pizzicato in Vico del Gargano, an old town perched on a hill in the unspoilt countryside of Puglia’s Gargano Peninsula. I was staying in the café’s B&B accommodation, so I was lucky enough to eat my breakfast in the café every morning. Freshly cooked pastries, juice and coffee accompanied by tiny but exquisite cakes. From morning to night the café was bustling with locals and visitors alike, sipping coffee or wine, and pondering on the events of the day. Then there was the takeaway counter, a stunning visual display of cakes and confectionery. And the ice cream menu… the list of Pizzicato’s attractions is endless. But what makes it special is the friendly service and the welcoming atmosphere of a long established family business. That’s why people come back again and again.

Bianca from Its All Bee

B Street Deli in London, England

B Street DeliWhen it comes to tea I could easily put Twinnings out of business. That’s how much I love my brew. My kitchen features teas from around the world. Fresh teas from Egypt to Hong Kong, India to the USA. From fruit infusions to spicy and nutty, from aromatics to fragrant blends and scented herbals. I guess you can tell just how serious this is.

I am forever searching for cute little independent cafes that not only give me a nice cup of the good stuff but in doing so I get more of an experience.  One of my favourite places for the perfect tea (or coffee) is tacked away from under the glare of the Shard that towers above the street that hides the B street Deli. With matured reclaimed wooden counters, low lighting, copper accents over-hangs decorate the ceiling, with walls covered in remnants reminders that transported the finest Columbian coffee to the British Isles. The café brews the teas according to the best temperature for a particular chosen tea. Each tea has a specific temperature its best brewed at, allowing it to produce the best flavours and natural fragrance of the tea. The tea is presented to you on little black trays with your own clear tea pot and handle-free glass so you can set both hands on the glass to inhale the fragrance before tasting flavourful scents of your chosen blend. It’s away from the crowds, allowing you a moment of relaxation to take in the moment.

Charlie from Charlie on Travel

Bicycle Up Cafe in Dalat, Vietnam

Bicycle Up CafeThrough a tiny little alley, past a white potato cake seller, in Dalat, Vietnam, is a gem of a café that you would never expect to see there. Outside hangs a rusty old bicycle and a small sign reading: Bicycle up. The quirky café is filled with up-cycled furniture, including a bath tub full of plants and an old sewing machine stall being used as a table.  The menu, scribbled in crayon inside a children’s book, offers delicious Vietnamese coffee and jam jar smoothies amongst other odd delights. I would totally recommend the mulberry-yoghurt shake (VND 32,000); refreshing on a hot, humid day. This café is one of my favourites for the sheer eccentricity and creativity of the place.

Jenny from She Gets Around

Petite Abeille – New York City
Petite AbeilleI can’t go to New York City and now visit Petite Abeille. Since I first discovered this place 10 years ago it has grown and now has a few cafes based around the city, but I always visit the one near Ground Zero. I first started going for their incredible waffles. The best I have ever tried, but now I realise there is so much more on offer at this little café. Fresh muscles, steak and filled sandwiches. A delicious spot with quirky decor and friendly staff. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

from Where’s Sharon



The Corner on Bellair in Melbourne, Australia

Corner on BellairMy favourite café in the world is actually located 15 minutes walk from my house in Melbourne, Australia, the Corner on Bellair.  It is located in a pretty setting on a side street lined with big trees.  There are outside tables as well as inside ones in a cosy café which sells an ecliptic mix of Thai, Italian and modern Australian.  The reason this café is my favourite?  The “Bunged inna pan brekkie”.  It’s a combination of eggs, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, cheese and beans served in a big pan with a piece of toast.  It is quite simply delicious. I have never had anything as good as it anywhere else.  This café is definitely worth a stop if you ever find yourself in Melbourne.

Alouise from Take Me to the World

Transcend Coffee Shop in Edmonton, Canada

Flat White (to go)Edmonton, Canada likely isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of fantastic coffee, but we have a fantastic local coffee shop here called Transcend. There are two Transcend locations. One is in the Garneau neighbourhood at 8708 – 109 Street, and the original location is in an industrial neighbourhood at 9869 – 62 Avenue.  Transcend has a small menu with some hot and cold beverages, as well as baked goods, but their main focus is coffee. The coffee at Transcend is sustainably sourced, and the beans are roasted directly at their roasting plant in Edmonton. The baristas make great drinks, and are easy to talk to if you have any questions about the menu, or anything else (including the coffee beans and equipment) that’s available to purchase. Transcend likes to educate people about their coffee and how it’s made.  I’ve always had excellent coffee at Transcend. The coffee isn’t bitter like it can be at other coffee shops. Usually I just get a black coffee (clover press), but sometimes I’ll treat myself to a flat white. If you’re ever in Edmonton definitely stop in and have a cup of coffee at Transcend.

Brigid from Sucre Life

Café Gourmet Mirador in Sucre, Bolivia

Cafe Gourmet MiradorOf all the cafes in Sucre, Café Gourmet Mirador lays undisputed claim to the best view. The chillaxed cafe is one of the best places in the city to enjoy a long lunch in the sun and while away the afternoon with a good book and a glass of wine.  The chef at Mirador is Italian, so there is a range of homemade pizzas and pastas on the menu. There is also a variety of delicious juices on offer, with those made from fresh tumbo (an Andean cousin of the passion fruit), being a local favorite. On Sundays you can enjoy live traditional Bolivian music with your meal.  The best way to enjoy Café Mirador is to sit back, relax, have a drink (or one of their cocktails) and soak up the spectacular view over the ‘White City’.

What and where is your favourite café?

Favourite Cafes From Around the World


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  1. Coffee Drinkers Make Better Lovers says:

    In Tokyo, it’s Bear Pond Espresso. Not just for the coffee they offer but I enjoyed the laid back vibes of the surrounding streets. In Singapore, it has to be Chye Seng Huat. They are purveyors of specialty coffee and that’s where I go to learn more.

  2. These places all sound really charming. Its like getting a local tour of the best place to hang out in a new city. I wont have to hunt around too much if I am passing by these cites, I will just have to get straight down to the one recommended above!

  3. Dan & Brig (@SucreLife) says:

    All these cafes look perfect for grabbing a bite to eat and watching the world go by! Sometimes I just want to travel to a place solely for the food lol! Loved reading this post and thanks for including us 🙂

  4. What a fabulous piece! Will try the London tea place when I’m there next week. Many thanks.

  5. everygirleverywhere says:

    Wish I would’ve seen this before! I have a few cafés that I absolutely love in Taiwan. Are you going to do another piece on cafés around the world soon? If so, I’d love to contribute! My email is everygirleverywhere@gmail.com.


    • Wow, perhaps I’ll have to do another one, I’m sure there are tons of secret and delicious cafes around the world that we must share! I’ll certainly let you know if I do another.

  6. Agness says:

    I would definitely head to Petite Abeille in New York City. These waffles are freaking delicious and I bet they are served with a nice coffee!

  7. I’ve bookmarked this post! I love cafes and I’m always searching for good coffee. 🙂

  8. Finding beautiful cafes is absolutely one of my favorite parts of traveling. I fell in love with a number of them living in Medellin, Colombia, there’s such a strong cafe culture there! Gourmet coffee, tons of character and ambiance, I loved it! These all look beautiful!

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