Sensational Seaport Village

Seaport Village is where the magic of the sea comes to life
~ via Seaport Village

Seaport Village

Set seaside in downtown San Diego, with a backdrop of serene sailboats, lush greenery and beautiful blue waters, you’ll find the sensational Seaport Village.  Built on landfill over the Punta de los Muertos (Point of the Dead), where the Spanish expedition of 1782 buried their dead who had died of scurvy, Seaport Village was opened in 1980, almost 35 years ago.  Seaport Village is a character filled pint-sized village on 14 acres of waterfront with cobblestone pathways, picturesque ponds, fountains, colourful landscaping and a quarter-mile of boardwalk along San Diego Bay.

Seaport Village

I absolutely fell in love with Seaport Village’s charming and quaint feel.  It was like wandering around a movie set, everything so immaculate, picturesque and then someone cued the momma and baby ducklings to cross the winding path in front of me.  The week I was visiting there was the Busker Festival going on, all sorts of entertainers, some with beautiful birds others playing music, it was certainly a treat for the senses.  With over 50 diverse shops, 17 unique eateries and outdoor entertainment and festivals all year there is something to fulfill everyone’s desires.

Seaport Village lighthouseStrolling the paths, looking for somewhere to grab a coffee I stumbled upon a quaint little cottage with its door ajar.  I saw books!  As I approached I saw the sign – Upstart Crow Coffeehouse & Bookstore – no need to ask for more when you’ve got coffee and books at your fingertips.  I browsed around its selection of books and plethora of unique gifts and interesting merchandise, and after getting caught up in the store I remembered what I wanted, a coffee.  Since it was nearing lunch time I decided to grab a panini sandwich with my coffee.  If you’re looking for an affordable, quick lunch that’s delicious then this is your place.

A charming lighthouse lured me in with the aroma of fresh baked goods, I couldn’t resist.  The little lighthouse, fittingly looking out over the bay, was Seaport Cookie Co. dedicated to fresh, delicious cookies of various flavours.  The cookie monster in me wanted them all but decided on two, the classic chocolate chip and a coconut flavoured one.

Captian's Cove shop

With a full belly I decided to browse some of the distinctive shops.  You can’t help but be drawn into many of them, some so colourful, others sparkly and a few sea inspired, I just had to amble in.  Like Captain’s Cove, full of classic and trendy nautical themed merchandise from jewellery to home decor.  Another interesting shop is Seaport Village Shell Co. with everything creatively made from various shells, more jewellery and home decor for the beach lovers home.

Seaport Village Shell Co. shop

For a quaint, relaxing stroll along San Diego’s beautiful waterfront, or to meet friends for coffee and treats or a day of shopping, head on down to San Diego’s sensational Seaport Village!

Have you been to Seaport Village? What was your favourite part?

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  1. Sounds like a charming area. I love personally owned coffee shops! Coffee and cookies, I’d be set too! Nice post!

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