Indulge in Nature at Wye Marsh’s Get Outdoors Festival

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What are you doing this weekend?  Will it involve getting outdoors?  It should! And I’ll tell you why and what you should do.

Indulge in nature at Wye Marsh’s Get Outdoors Festival

STAT:  The average North American spends 95% of their day indoors, with the average child spending only minutes a day doing an outdoor activity.

This is a sad stat, and it has been proven that this lack of outdoor fun, activity and living is leading to a rise in depression, childhood obesity, attention deficit disorder and of course Vitamin D deficiency.  The truth is there is so much to do and experience outdoors and it does so many wonderful things to your body, mind and soul.  And this weekend there is a great excuse to leave your computers, walk away from the television and head into the great outdoors with Wye Marsh’s Get Outdoors Festival.

Get Outdoors Festival

photo co Wye Marsh

The Wye Marsh is an amazing gem in Midland, Ontario (an hours drive north of Toronto) and is a favourite destination of mind for all seasons, whether its hiking the trails in the summer or snowshoeing in the winter.  With over 25 kilometres of trails, a floating boardwalk and various activities and events going on all year.  The Wye Marsh is one of Ontario’s largest wetlands and a great place to learn, explore and experience the joys nature can bring.

What’s going on?

* Guided canoe tours

* Hummingbird banding

* Monarch tagging demonstrations

* Birding workshops

* Backcountry camping workshops

* Birds of prey presentations

* Wet N’ Scaly presentations

* Geocache challenge

* Kids naturalist craft table

* Wild edibles guided walk

And so much more!!

hummingbird banding

photo co Wye Marsh

What am I excited for?

As an avid birder I’m excited to see more and new species of birds, listen to them singing in the trees and trying to identify them with the birding workshop, as well as learn more about hummingbirds and watch birds of prey soar overhead.  I’m also interested to learn more about monarch butterflies, their threats and what I can do to help and attract them to my own backyard.  And as always I love hiking the trails, listening to the wind rustling the trees, breathing in the sweet smells of fresh air and enjoying a great day spent at a great place indulging in nature.

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    […] more about the Wye Marsh check out Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre and the about the Festival check out Indulge in Nature at Wye Marsh’s Get Outdoors Festival).  The festival took place August 8th and 9th and Wow! did we have fantastic summer weather, […]

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