4 Reasons to Return to Europe

4 Reasons to Return to EuropeSometimes we need to return to familiar places with new eyes and that’s part of the reason why I’m returning to Europe in the spring of 2015.  My new eyes will be all my own as after travelling through Europe three previous times with either family or friends this time I’ll be solo.  Why am I going, where am I going and what do I hope to do and see? Read all about it in My Next Epic Solo Adventure.  It’s funny, so many people ask me why I keep returning to Europe, my response, ‘Why Not?!‘.  I love Europe and there is still so much it has to offer me.  And though I have countless reasons , here are 4 Reasons to Return to Europe.

  1. A gondola ride

When we think of Venice we conjure up images of canals and picturesque gondolas with their gondoliers with brimmed chapeau, suit of black, scarf of red and perhaps Dean Martin serenading us.  Many of us can’t help of think of gondola rides when we think of Venice and I’ve always dreamed of taking a gondola ride along the canals yet have strangely not brought this dream to life even after visiting Venice twice.  But on this trip I shall take that ride and even though I hope to lay back, relax and breathe it all in with my big, floppy hat and larger than life shades – I know it will be hard to quell the excitement a buzz in my bones.

Have you even taken a gondola ride?

  1. Go underground

Strange reason you many think but there is so much more to Europe’s historic cities then what lies above the streets.  There are complete hidden cities below, graveyards, chapels, secret passageways and so much more.  So on this trip, where there is a treat below I shall seek it out and explore, like the Paris catacombs.  This desire to go underground was inspired by a television show that was on a few years ago called Cities of the Underworld, where the host took you to locations around the world to learn of what lies beneath the streets, and after I went on Seattle’s Underground tour this past spring I’m even more fascinated by these overlooked sites and that I knew I had to add them to my itinerary.

Have you ever explored the underground?

3. Visit Parks

My love for the great outdoors has really strengthened this past year and so I’ve decided to enjoy and explore as many parks as I can when I visit Europe next spring, and oh what a fabulous time to spend in parks.  There is something so freeing, peaceful and calming about days spent in parks, surrounded by greenery, beautiful birds, pretty flowers and casual hellos of strangers walking through.  From city parks that give us a reprieve from city walls and a taste of nature to larger parks outside the city where hiking and wildlife viewing can expand the senses, I’ll introduce you to where to indulge in the outdoors and what hidden treasures Europe’s parks hold.

What’s your favourite park in Europe?

  1. Cafés

And finally last and certainly not least, one of my favourite things to do while travelling – indulging in a rich café au lait, watching the world go by, people watching, absorbing the city’s life and writing in my journal at a café.  There are so many cafés to visit and for so many reasons, something that was reinforced when I did a collaborative post with the help of my fellow travel bloggers about our Favourite Cafés Around the World.  Some that have been on my radar awhile are the old haunts of some of my literary favourites in Paris, La Coupole and Le Deux Magots.

What’s your favourite café in Europe?

As a big list maker, there is something ever so satisfying about checking things off your list and when they’re dreams and goals it is even more rewarding.  There’s so many things that travel has taught me, one being that dreams really can come true and I hope you’ll follow yours as I am following mine and don’t forget to keep checking things of your list!


I'm a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and travel and hope to inspire others to feel the same way! Travelling mostly solo I love to explore Ontario Gems in my own backyard as well as exotic cities around the world.

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12 Responses

  1. I did the paris Catacombe this spring. Get there early, we had to wait in line for a good two hours even if we arrived at 11ish. The area around is also worth exploring 🙂 happy travels

  2. Marsha says:

    I did the catacombs in Rome but didn’t in Paris. I’ll have to check that out next time. I love cemeteries; so interesting. When I was in Italy, I didn’t make it to Venice but when I go, I will definitely take a gondola ride.

  3. We love Europe and still have so much to explore with all of it’s history and slight changes in culture depending on where you visit.

  4. Karla says:

    Speaking of exploring the underground… Have you ever heard of touring some of the bunkers of the Maginot Line near the French/German border. Some of them are really still intact and very interesting.

  5. Amy says:

    Great list! Wandering through parks and sitting at cafes are two of my favorite things to do in Europe. I loved the English Garden in Munich with all of the swans and the beer garden.

  6. Romantic Vacations (@RVacations) says:

    Favorite café? Mein Gott! Mon Dieu! Is it possible? There are so many. I’ll share one experience, though it’s not really a café. Will a terrasse suffice?
    My wife and I were in a bucolic little town along the ambling Mosel River one summer a few years back. Beilstein is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern, urban Germany.
    The terrasse was in a mite sized square behind the Hotel Haus Lipman where we were lodged. Now let me say that there was nothing particularly memorable about this terrasse. It was a terrasse like so many others that are attached to a hotel, in this case the Hotel Gute Quelle.
    What makes this so memorable? Well, like most memories, it’s the personal things. The skies opened up and we found ourselves under an umbrella in the pouring rain drinking a beer while playing cards, or more accurately, trying to play cards.
    It’s not something that would make readers rush off to Beilstein for, but it’s something that we think about from time to time. And, it never fails to bring smiles to our faces.

  7. Aodhan: Adelaide waste management says:

    It is the sheer variety of Europe that is its biggest appeal for me. So many different slight varieties of everything when you move a few miles down the road.

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