The Art of Travel: Before You Go

The Art of Travel

There is so much to do, to see and experience around the world – it’s just simply meant to be explored!  Many people are still hesitant and might need a little help, that’s why I’ve started my The Art of Travel series where I hope to inspire you to make that decision to go, help you plan, give you tips and tricks to make travel easy and enjoyable and what to do with it all when you’ve returned home.  In the first section – Planning ….. While this section we’ll discuss things to do Before You Go, including checklists, important things to consider and how to stay calm and enjoy the process.

The Art of Travel Before you GoPart Two – Before You Go

While you’ve been busy planning for you upcoming travel plans it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all and forget some important and easy things to take care of.  One obvious thing is renewing your passport, make sure to check well in advance to see when your passport expires and make sure you have your passport valid for a few months before you leave as some countries require a 3-month or 6-month valid passport for entry.  Another important task is to check if you need a visa for either traveling through or visiting the country or countries you plan to visit.  For Canadians check the Government of Canada travel advisory site here to see if there are concerns with travel to a particular country or if a visa is required.

To me organization is the key to calmness and making sure you get things done.  To stay organized I like to have a specific note book dedicated to my trip where I keep all of my dates of travel, phone numbers for accommodation, check in and out times, addresses and other travel related notes.  There are also apps for this if you are a paper free kind of person or simply like having it contained on your tablet or mobile device.  Another way to stay organized and ensure you get the items you need before you go, perform certain tasks, and such is to create lists. I LOVE lists – nothing (okay, almost nothing) sweeter than checking things off a list – YUP, DONE – CHECK!

I created the following photos, with things I’ve found useful from my personal travel experiences as well as tips and tricks I’ve learn from other travel bloggers, each photo can be saved or pinned to help you stay organized and ready for your trip.

The first is a checklist of things to do before you leave, to either prepare for your travels, ensure your safety or keep a calm peace of mind while you’re away.  Another resource is to generate your own specific travel checklist is at Travels’ Checklist that will take you through some questions and help generate a checklist geared specifically to you.

before you leave list

The second checklist is of what to bring with you on your travels.  While it doesn’t include the obvious clothing and hygiene items, it does include some things you might not have thought of that are quite handy or ingenious in terms of use on the road.  If you’re looking for other handy things to bring to aid you on your travels Calculated Traveller has some great posts like 5 Travel Supplies That Go From Kitchen Drawer to Suitcase or From Desk to Suitcase – Travel Supplies From Office Supplies, for things to bring that are already on hand in your home that will save you money and perhaps your sanity.

don't forget to pack

There are also other things to consider like downloading certain travel apps to either help you stay organized, help you find places to stay or eat, and maps to help you locate certain sights.  W3Travel has a multitude of lists on apps from where to eat, specific city apps and international apps, check out their Travel Apps Archives.  Vagrants of the World also has a fantastic list Travel Better & Save Money – Travel Apps That Do Just That!  Wonderful Wanderings has a great list that ticks all the boxes Ultimate Apps for Travel List.

There is no need to get overwhelmed by tasks to do, things to get and stuff to remember, travelling is an amazing opportunity and ever step of your journey from the planning, before you go to the travelling and after-math should be an enjoyable experience and staying organized and being prepared helps.


I’m a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and travel and hope to inspire others to feel the same way! Travelling mostly solo I love to explore Ontario Gems in my own backyard as well as exotic cities around the world.

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  1. Rebekah says:

    lol- nailclippers are a really practical things to pack. Its super awkwards when your nails get too long and you can’t cut them. good lists

  2. Avalon says:

    Great advice – I always make a list of EVERYTHING I need to take with me before I pack, and tick things off, otherwise I get flustered and tend to pack way too much…

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