A Resolution to Save Rhinos with #JustOneRhino

Make a Resolution to Save Rhinos this Year with #JustOneRhino

rhino silhoette

Photo by Beverly Joubert

1 rhino is being killed in South Africa every 7 hours

All around the globe a war is raging against its precious wildlife, snatching up its land, robbing its young, ravaging its jewels of horns and tusks and stealing away its treasured life.  Travelling to Africa and going on safari and seeing the Great Migration has been at the top of my Bucket list my entire life.  Though I’ve yet to check this off my list I hope to before its too late.  I want to see lions, leopards, elephants and rhinos in their glorious wild world, but with poaching at an all-time high and the possibility that rhinos could go extinct in 20 years I am dedicated to make a resolution to save rhinos this year with #JustOneRhino.

In 2009 the Vietnamese rhino went extinct when the last one was shot


Photo by: Susan Portnoy

That’s why, along with over 120 bloggers, I’ve joined forces with Green Travel Media and Travelers Building Change in their campaign #JustOneRhino.  The #JustOneRhino campaign is in partnership with the remarkable Beverly and Derek Joubert, award-winning film makers, wildlife conservation advocates and National Geographic Explorers-In-Residence, who have made astounding efforts to save Africa’s amazing wildlife.  With their Great Plains Foundation and Rhinos Without Borders they plan to translocate 100 rhinos from South Africa, where 80% of the continents rhino population lives, to Botswana where they’ll have a greater chance of survival with Botswana having the lowest poaching rates in all of Africa as well as the Botswana Defence Force to protect them. This feat will involve a lot of hard work by dedicated and passionate individuals and yes, a lot of money.  It will cost $5 million to move all of these rhinos to Botswana safely, with an average cost of $45,000 for just one rhino – hence the #JustOneRhino campaign that hopes to raise $45,000.

In 2011 the Western Black rhino was declared extinct

“If we can counter every unkindness with a kindness, every selfish act with a selfless one, and every atrocity against nature, with an equal and opposite proactive move like ‘Rhinos Without Borders’, we will slowly win this battle for Africa.” ~ Rhinos Without Borders

In the past 4 years rhino poaching has risen over 300%


Photo by Beverly Joubert

By making a donation you will not only be helping save the life of #JustOneRhino but you’ll also have a chance to win some amazing prizes including the following epic trips of a lifetime that have been graciously donated by over 20 sponsors.

International Expeditions http://www.ietravel.com/
10 day Galapagos Voyage for one. Value $5,298

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South Africa Big Five Safari: Kruger & KwaZulu-Natal + Swag Bag for 2 people. Value $5,000

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7 nights bed & breakfast in Garden View suite. Value $5,187

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and so much more!

Some other prizes include:  eBag Luggage, Dinner/Brunch Cruises, 2 nights in an Italian Villa, 2 Tours in India, African Elephant Photo Pack, HDR Timelapse Video Camera w./Lens and much more!

Donate Now

The #JustOneRhino campaign runs from December 1, 2014 to March 1, 2015, so make sure you donate before March 1st for a chance to win!  The winners will be announced on March 3, 2015, World Wildlife Day!

Please share the love for #JustOneRhino by donating, sharing this post across your social media and by telling your friends and family how they can help make a difference this year.

Please make a resolution to help save this precious species by donating here.

Every individual has the ability to make an impact – will you?



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