My EPIC Solo Adventure – January Update

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Reflecting on 2014

Like we all so often do at the dawning of a new year I’ve been reflecting on what I accomplished in 2014 and started creating resolutions for my 2015.  Last year saw a lot of highs and big changes for me as well as some lows.  Last spring I travelled along the US’s West Coast for a month solo and fell in love with cities like San Diego and San Francisco and amazing parks like Balboa Park and Washington Park as well as met some remarkable women along the way like travel blogger and Italy aficionado Victoria of Postcards from Victoria and Cristina of Chronicles of a Travel Addict.  But it was an adventure on my terms where I went at my pace, did the things I wanted to do and relished in the art of solo travel.

2014 saw other changes with work, my writing and my blog as well as a lot of reflection on who I want to be as a person and learning to own who I ultimately am.  I finally made the switch to self-hosting and re-worked my site.  I was a little stressful and a lot of hard work (of with there is still more to do), but it was so worth it and am so happy with how it turned out.

The World As I See It

How do you like the new site and changes I’ve made? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Last year also saw a lot of lows as well, some concerning blogging and finding a balance.  With working full-time, planning my next solo adventure overseas and working on two blogs, writing, researching, keeping up with social media and so on, I burnt myself out.  I was too focused on my blogging and was not spending enough time living life.  I needed to take a step back, take some time away from the on-line world and re-evaluate my time and energy.  I’m glad to say I’ve found a renewed sense of enthusiasm, inspiration and am mindful of making sure to step away from the computer to see friends, get outdoors and even relax and read a book!  This all leads me to some resolutions I’ve made for creating a happy and successful 2015!

Resolutions for 2015

*Making sure to create a balance between work, blogging, travel, writing and living!

*Worry less!  Like Dr. Phil’s grandfather used to say, “worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair, it won’t get you anywhere.

*Live more outside my comfort zone! It’s the best way to find out who you really are.

*Be more conscientious of my footprint! We’ve got one world and I’m committing myself to reduce, reuse, recycle and promote and give back to more conservation initiatives that are dear to my heart – like #JustOneRhino!

*Travel more!  Whether its internationally or finding more Ontario Gems in and around my own backyard, I want to see and do more!

My Epic Solo Adventure

Update on my EPIC solo adventure

I feel like I’m finally settling in to the itinerary of cities I want to explore.  Its been a crazy few weeks of saying no to some cities and then adding some back again as well as adding a few more.  I’ve decided to not go to Malta, which was hard, but it just didn’t fit in with the flow of my flight hoping.  I have added a few new cities, Nice – which has been on my list for 10 years as well as a surprising addition of Genoa – I hear they have a fantastic aquarium (of course among other things).  I’m also heading back to Edinburgh as I just didn’t have enough time there last time and am thrilled to return!

travel gear

I’ve also continued endless research on the cities, countries and cultures I’ll be visiting and I must say as a solo traveller, the more I know and educate myself the more comfortable I feel.  Speaking of being prepared I’ve honed in on my budget and savings will commence this month (on top of my continued saving from my TSFA (Canadian savings account) which I always have money going into it off every pay.  I also was excited to receive some much need travel items for Christmas which included proper tubes for liquids (like shampoo, moisturizer etc.), a travel towel, a power pack for charging my cell phone on the go, and travel journals (of which I am SO torn which to bring!).

Cathedrale Saint-Alexandre-Nevsky

Photo by Leah from Leah Travels

This month I’ve decided to share my Top 5 Churches I’m most excited to explore!

  1. Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland
  2. Canterbury Cathedral in England
  3. Bone Chapel in Czech Republic
  4. Old Princely Court & Church in Romania
  5. Cathédrale Saint-Alexandre-Nevsky in France – which was inspired by Leah Travels and her amazing photos and stories of her time in Paris!! (ps. Big thanks to Leah for the use of her photo!)

Lastly, I also had the honor of contributing a piece to The Budget-Minded Traveler that I’m really proud of.  Fear Not! For the Love of Solo Travel is a piece about how I became a solo traveller, from my fears to my leap of faith. I hope all those who read it will be inspired to take the leap into solo travel too! Like I say, “sometimes you have to want it more than you fear it.

Have you traveled solo? If not, why? 


I'm a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and travel and hope to inspire others to feel the same way! Travelling mostly solo I love to explore Ontario Gems in my own backyard as well as exotic cities around the world.

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13 Responses

  1. Chelsea says:

    So jealous you are going back to Edinburgh! Such an Amazing city! Nice is Great! You will love it! The beaches are rocky though but the food is Beyond amazing! Sometimes I miss traveling alone sometimes. There is nothing like the wide open road with just yourself facing it! Excited for you and to see and follow your adventures!!

    Much Love & Happy Travels,

    • ladyofthezoos says:

      Thanks Chelsea, I enjoy travelling with others but you’re right travelling along is liberating – just me and the open road.

  2. Hannah says:

    You HAVE to go to Monaco when in Nice, if only for the museum of oceanography= amazeballs. I spent 1/3 of the day there I swear. Also, if it helps your journal decision at all: hardcovers are a little heavier but much easier to just chuck in a bag and not get bent. Also, if one has a spiral binding=super easy to stick a pen in and have it ready on the go without digging. 🙂

    • ladyofthezoos says:

      After reading your post on a day trip to Monaco I thought it just might fit! As for the journal, I’m trying to go light so it will probably be a spiral (easy to write in) but have a few to choose from. I’m a journal fanatic – I have a few 😉

  3. Lauren says:

    How exciting that your plans are starting to fall into place! Can’t wait to read about your epic adventures!

  4. Anda says:

    Good New Year’s resolutions. Hope you’ll accomplish all of them. I like visiting churches too and your list is impressive. I didn’t know there is an Alexander Nevsky church in France. I only knew about the Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is absolutely huge and breathtakingly beautiful. And if you make it to Bucharest to visit the Old Court Church (biserica Curtea Veche), spare a few minutes to see the Stavropoleos Monastery. You will not regret it.

    • ladyofthezoos says:

      Thanks Anda! I’ll make sure to visit the Monastery in Bucharest and as for the church in France, it’s in Paris and it looks gorgeous!

  5. These sound like great resolutions! I hope your travel plans in 2015 go well and you’ll get to see everything you want to see. If you are in the Czech Republic, do schedule a few more days to travel a bit further north, to Krakow, Poland, and see their wooden altar in the Kosciol Mariacki (Church of the Virgin Mary). Just google “kosciol mariacki krakow” and look at the “images.”

    • ladyofthezoos says:

      Thanks so much! There is so much to do and see and I’m sure I’ll miss plenty but that just means I’ll have to return 🙂

  6. Your resolutions look awesome! Very inspiring! Traveling more seems to make my list every year. And you’re totally right for wanting to spend more time in Edinburgh!

  7. Nice Article there! Please let me know how can I improve my travel blog! Cheers & Keep Travelling!!

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