Three Reasons I Adore Paris


Eiffel Tower

The city of love was certainly not always in my good books.  I’ve been through Paris on three separate trips and was not fond of it in the least on the first two visits.  I can’t pin point what turned me off, perhaps it was the hype, maybe the fact I’m a single lady or maybe it was that sleepless night in Paris.  Whatever my reasons for the lack of warmth I felt for Paris in the beginning, on my third visit I fell in love.  And again I’m not sure what finally touched my heart, perhaps it was simply a city I need to grow to love but now as I will soon return to Paris for my fourth time this spring, solo and in search of new experiences and sights there will always be 3 main reasons I now adore Paris.

Paris cafeCafés

There is something magical and exhilarating when one spends anytime in a Paris café.  The longer the better and it’s best to sit outdoors to fully appreciate and experience the life of Paris passing by and the hum of the café chatter.  I love sitting in cafés no matter where they are but there is something special about the cafés in Paris that I adore.  My favourite café (so far – we’ll see if this changes when I hit the left bank’s cafés on my next visit) is Esmeralda.  Tucked across from the north side of Notre Dame, Esmeralda is in prime position for being entertained by tourists, amused by locals and enchanted by the grand Notre Dame Cathedral standing in front of you.

Creative Spirits

No where have I seen so many artists and creative spirits than in Paris.  Whether it’s the artists poised in front of gorgeous buildings like Sacré-Coeur and the Louvre with easel and paint brush in hand or the lurking creative spirits of Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein whose brilliant minds, I’m sure, still wander the banks of the Seine and write in cafés and hallways throughout Paris.  The creative spirit within me is drawn to Paris for its rich history of astounding writers that were also drawn there. Perhaps the writer in me hopes to channel even the slightest iota of inspiration from some of my favourites like Hemingway while sitting in the same cafés as he did while watching Paris live and breathe as time goes on.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame

For many when they think of Paris the first image that comes to mind is the iconic Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, where lovers from all over the world go to fall in love all over again and the top attraction for all first timers to the city of love.  For me, perhaps again it’s that single gal mentality, but to me Paris is the city of art (not love) and architecture and when I think of Paris I first think of the hauntingly beautiful Notre Dame.  Built on the Ile de la Cité, cradle of the city, over 850 years ago, Notre Dame is the epitome of stunning Gothic architecture and full of wonders – from gargoyles standing guard to dark, echoing corners with impressive rose windows and a narrow, spiraling stairwell the leads you up to where Quasimodo once lurked and offers amazing views of the city.

While my favourite café in Paris may change, one thing I know for sure is that cafés, creative spirits and Notre Dame will always be the top three things I adore about Paris!

What do you adore about Paris?


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  1. Shelley says:

    I felt the same way about Paris. My first two visits I liked it, but didn’t love it. Something happened the third trip and I’ve loved it since.

  2. Sally Munt says:

    Ah I ave never been and I need to go… It would take me about 2hrs to get there from my house and my boyfriend is french so I think I have no excuse haha! I will go this year!

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