Photo Essay: Europe’s Life in the Details

Photo Essay: Europe's Life in the Details

For me part of the thrill of exploring a new city is taking note of the small, seemingly unimportant, everyday things that give that city flare.  To me the character of a city isn’t necessarily in the grandeur of its iconic landmarks or in its vistas, its in the details from doors to graffiti and intricate building elements to its people.

When we think of Europe many of us conjure up images of Rome’s Colosseum, Paris’s Eiffel Tower and the Acropolis in Greece, but sometimes the beauty of life in these cities is in it’s details.  Come along as 10 travel bloggers show you Europe’s Life in the Details…

Bebenhausen Abbey

Tübingen, Germany from Me!

There is something magical about strolling through the quiet and picturesque halls of Bebenhausen Abbey found just outside of Tübingen, Germany.  I couldn’t help but crane my neck around and gaze at the many amazing and intricate details the can be found throughout the buildings, like this gold cap on the ceiling of a lion, which was one of many animal details found in this 1180’s abbey.


Geneva, SwitzerlandAngie from An Adventurer’s Journal

Wandering around the old city center I stumbled across this meta-feeling of a door leading to a courtyard and another door.  It felt secret and inviting at the same time.  The possibilities of what lay through those doors seemed endless . . . .


The Republic of UžupisJonny from Don’t Stop Living

This sign is the symbol of the self-declared Republic of Užupis, which is across a bridge from Lithuania in the city of Vilnius. It’s an artistic funky republic with its own currency (the Uza), passport stamps, government and constitution and a really quirky place.


Positano, ItalyVictoria from PostcardZ from Victoria

Did Christopher Columbus ever look this fabulous? ;D


Tallinn, EstoniaMelody from Wherever I May Roam

Having known next to nothing about Estonia, my friend and I almost stayed on the boat the day we were in port during our Baltic Capitals cruise with Norwegian.  We almost missed one of my favorite cities of all time!  Estonia was a shocker for sure.  Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, embraces their medieval past and brings it alive in the city for all the tourists to share in and be part of.  This lady selling almonds at her kiosk was just one of the amazing characters we saw while exploring Estonia’s amazing history.

Ankara, Turkey

Ankara, TurkeyPaula from Contented Traveller

Wandering around the back streets of Ankara, Turkey we saw these cats sitting on the steps of an amazing old ottoman house. The colours and the looks that they gave us, were worth capturing. Like who are you people?

Verona, Italy

Verona, ItalyNoel from Travel Photo Discovery

Verona is such an amazing city to walk around and look at all the stunning architecture and details to this medieval city. It’s easy to wander and even get lost through all of the large promenades, piazzas and narrow cobbled streets through the historic center of town. You will find so many amazing portals and doors to admire and wish you actually lived in some of these buildings like the image I’m sharing of a colorful Venetian style window.

Paris from Musee d'Orsay

Paris, FranceSue from Food Travelist

The photo was taken out of a window at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.  What I thought made it so special is the view of the Sacre Coeur on the hill of Montmarte. I love both of these places and have visited them both on every trip to Paris. This photo holds a very special place in my collection.


Patmos, GreeceAlli from The Vintage Postcard

The image of a kitty cat sitting on a stairwell in Patmos, Greece stood out to me because I love how the kitty really pops against the white background. I love the rustic simplicity of the photo, from the poised cat, the textured stairs, and the potted flowers at the top.


Vaduz, LiechtensteinAnu from Country Hopping Couple

Liechtenstein is one of the smallest yet stunningly beautiful country.  There are simple things that we tend to miss during our busy travel schedule.  It’s these little things that add beauty and enrich our travel experiences, for they are part of everyday life in any given place. When we were travelling around Liechtenstein, we noticed many interesting and intriguing bronze statues dotted around Vaduz city centre (the capital city of Liechtenstein).  One among them is this statue of this supposedly African King sculptured by Gunther Stilling, a German sculptor.

What’s your favourite detail of Europe?


I'm a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and travel and hope to inspire others to feel the same way! Travelling mostly solo I love to explore Ontario Gems in my own backyard as well as exotic cities around the world.

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  1. noel says:

    Fantastic Collaboration, I love seeing all the small details in a new location and there are quite a few destinations here still on my bucket list of places to visit…yeah!

  2. Jonny Blair says:

    Some really great photos on here Stephanie and delighted to be included in the article. Safe travels. Jonny

    • ladyofthezoos says:

      Thanks Jonny! Love these photos, they inspire me to visit some new places and seek the details of those new cities!

  3. Lovely collaborative post, and thank you so much for featuring us. It’s nice to see these little things from rest of the Europe.

  4. Belated thank you for featuring our amazing cats in Ankara. I love all of the photos.

  5. Ale @ iFly says:

    This is a cool post Stephanie! You’re not only greatly featuring the flawlessly-captured photos but also wonderfully described their being something special to look out by tourists too. You just inspire me to come and see these attractions as well.

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