My EPIC Solo Adventure – March Update

My Epic Solo Adventure - March Update

I can’t believe it, today marks the ONE Month left until my big solo adventure.  I think I can finally say, “I’m excited!”  The past six months have been a whirlwind of activity from building my blogs to researching the places I want to visit and reaching out to tourism boards to the endless last minute details that need to be dealt with.  But like I always say it’s the details and the planning that is part of the fun of travel.  It’s funny, a lot of people still say to me, “couldn’t you find someone to go with you?”, or “aren’t you nervous?”, and “I could never travel solo”.  As always my responses are the same, I love to travel and many of my friends don’t have the same interest as me to travel and I’m certainly not ‘waiting’ until someone can travel with me – life isn’t ‘waiting’ for me, and as for am I nervous, maybe a bit but my excitement greatly overpowers it and lastly as for the comments “I could never travel solo,” I always say never say never, I never thought I would but once I tried it I was hooked!

What is done?

I’ve booked my accommodations and mostly all with which allows me to have a virtual stamp card for the nights I’ve booked and after 10 I get one free.  One thing to note is that your nights don’t count until after you’ve stayed.  But I’m super excited because after booking over 40 nights I’ll get 4 free nights which will come in handy when I return home to do some more travel in Ontario and Quebec later this year.

Have you ever used for free nights?

What still needs doing?

I’ve got a few inter-European flights to book, a few last minute things to get like pain relievers and some toiletries.  I’m also upgrading my iPhone before I go, more GB will come in handy with all my photos I’m sure to take. Look out Instagram!!  If you’re not already, be sure to click the link to follow me for all the latest photos while I’m travelling!  And of course the dreaded packing!  I’m a pretty low-maintence gal and like to travel light so I’ll be bringing a carry-on while I travel through Europe and the UK but am bringing my larger suitcase that will be stationed at my brother’s house in London.  My carry-on packing list is coming soon!

Do you travel with checked or carry-on luggage?

Other than planning, what have I been up too…

I’ve been reading more and recently finished A Night Train to Lisbon – which was quite the thought-provoking read.  To read my review click here.  I’m also working on getting back into shape, lose a few pounds and strengthen my arms and legs which I’m sure are going to get A LOT of use on this trip.  In other exciting news I was nominated and made it into the WeBlog Awards Top 5 for Lady of the Zoos as Best Animal Blog.  The winners are announced in a few days!!


I’d have to say one of the number one things I’m most excited for is to simply sit in cafés across Europe, sip coffee, write and watch people casually living their lives.  And so, my Top 5 Cafés I’m most excited to enjoy are:

1. Les Deux Magots in Paris, France
2. Caffé Florian in Venice, Italy
3. Café de Flore in Paris, France
4. Café A Brasilena in Lisbon, Portugal
5. Franz Kafka Café in Prague, Czech Republic

Have you been to any of these cafes? Or do you have one to recommend to me?


I'm a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and travel and hope to inspire others to feel the same way! Travelling mostly solo I love to explore Ontario Gems in my own backyard as well as exotic cities around the world.

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6 Responses

  1. Lucy says:

    Try the hot chocolate at the Cafe du Flore – you get a jug of hot milk and a jug of melted chocolate and mix them yourself, amazing!

  2. Hannah says:

    If you are felling particularly rich skip the coffee in Venice and go to Harry’s Bar for the original Bellini. Just don’t cry when you get the bill. haha

  3. Oh man, sitting in a cafe just to drink coffee and write sounds so magical. I’m jealous. Hope you have a great trip! I’m following you on Instagram now, so I’ll get to follow along on your adventure 🙂

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