Hiking Bushkill Falls Trails in Poconos

By: Vasudha Aggarwal

Hiking Bushkill Falls in Poconos


Hiking Bushkill Falls in Poconos

One of my favorite trails around the world is ‘Bushkill Falls Trails’ in Poconos, Pennsylvania, USA. The place is also known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania as it has over eight waterfalls set amidst a beautiful lush scenery.

With the option of four trails, depending on time and what one wishes to see – it’s a great way of spending a few hours hiking and enjoying the nature’s beauty. And on our last visit there, were able to narrow down to two trails and finally ended up agreeing on doing the red trail.

This trail covers all the eight waterfalls and takes one through the dense vegetation, trails by the streams and leads to the breathtaking Bridal Veil Falls. It covers a distance of over 2 miles and it takes about 3 hours. Though not a strenuous hike, it does require climbing up and down on the slopes and in some places there are numerous wooden stairs as well.

Hiking Bushkill Falls

We began the hike from the top of the Main falls which looks beautiful and climbed down the wooden path to see the lower gorge falls. Here, a wooden bridge connects to the other side providing an incredible view of the gushing falls. It’s a great spot for clicking pictures and we did the same before crossing over the Pond run Creek to start our climb to the Bridal Veil Falls.

It is quite a hike and one can enjoy these wonderful waterfalls and the Bridal Veil Falls is really breathtaking. We were able to enjoy it up close and it was a fabulous experience. Not just this, there’s also a lookout point from where the one can admire the Delaware Valley views. It was a good place to take a little break, before moving on to the Pennell Falls Trail.

Delaware Valley

This part of the trail is through a dense forest, and we even spotted a deer. That was pretty awesome, and we were able to get a few pictures of the deer. It took around thirty minutes to reach the Pennell falls, after crossing over the Bushkill Creek. Another wonderful fall, and in some time, we made our way back towards the upper canyon and the Top of the Main Falls.

A hike tailor-made for the nature lovers, adventure seekers and the newbie hikers – it’s a great way to spend a day in the beautiful Poconos.

Vasudha Aggarwal

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