Epic Solo Adenture: June Update Plus Giveaway!

Old town hall in Prague
So far, 2 month into my Epic Solo Adventure, I’ve travelled solo across Europe from Lisbon to Bucharest and realized that dreams don’t just come true – you make them happen! A dream only stays a dream if you don’t put a plan in place to make that dream a reality. I must say I’m so proud of myself for going against the nay sayers, “you can’t afford it”, “but what about work?”, and so on, and instead followed my dreams. Unlike many North American’s I refuse to live to work and choose to work to live – to pay for experiences instead of possessions, and live my life to the fullest as life is far too short. You never know what tomorrow will bring so you may as well live in the present – that’s exactly what it is, a present to be cherished.

While the Europe portion of my adventure is now behind me I will forever remember the memories I made and the experiences I had, I will now begin my UK adventure! But I must admit it was bitter sweet leaving Prague as not only was I leaving the city I had quickly fell in love with but I knew I was leaving Europe. Was I sad? No, I wasn’t upset because I knew I was heading for more adventures, not only in the UK but that no matter if I was travelling or enjoying my life back home that life was full of greatness, if you just open yourself to it.

The Ugly

As I started in my last update, the good, the bad and the ugly I must admit I’ve been so fortunate to have nothing negative to post! But I must say taking a few tours during this time I came in contact with a wide variety of travellers and have to admit I am disappointed to hear some judge and speak negatively of other travellers. Whether it was for taking selfie shots or for the music they listen too and food they eat, I couldn’t help thinking who are you to judge? This world is made up of a wide variety of people and no ones choices are correct, and wish more people would be more accepting and open to others interests even if their not their own.

The Good!

Oh my, where to begin!? June brought me to some of my most anticipated locations and they did not disappoint! In Cinque Terre I immediately fell in love with the village I would be staying in, Riomaggiore. From the stunning vistas to the beautiful and colourful buildings and the sweet lady walking her cat every evening I felt so at home it was truly difficult to leave. Also in Cinque Terre I finally got to hike part of the Blue Trail and even though it was in +30 degree temperatures and involved endless stairs it was amazing! Another amazing Italian experience was my gondola ride in Venice! I couldn’t have asked for a better ride with some new found friends and a handsome gondolier!

Meteora Then there was my tour to Meteora which blew my mind! Perhaps it was the instant friendship that the 3 other fellow solo travellers and I forged, maybe it was the magical idea of exploring these monasteries built atop ?  Or the fantastic local guide, but this turned out to be an amazing experience and one of my most memorable moments of my Epic Solo Adventure! First to see them standing there in the distance with the sun setting behind and then to see them up close against a stunning blue sky and to wander their rooms – I was literally speechless. One of the others and I walked into one of the rooms and on que both said, “wow”, and that really sums up this amazing sight!

Have you ever experienced a sight that leaves you speechless?

Zoos: 2

Genoa Aquarium & Prague Zoo

UNESCO sites: 7 + 1

Cinque Terre, Venice and its Lagoon, Acropolis, Delphi, Meteora, Historic Centre of Prague, Kutná Hora and in a couple of days Old & New Town of Edinburgh.

Cities I’ve explored:

Italy: Cinque Terre, Milan, Venice

Greece: Athens

Romania: Bucharest, Brasov

Czech Republic: Prague, Kutná Hora

and starting tomorrow…

Scotland: Edinburgh


What am I thankful for?

I’m thankfully for being able to connect with fellow travellers on the road as well as with my family and friends back home and tell them all about my favourite new city!

This leads me to my first giveaway! Thanks to MTX Connect with one of their SIM cards you can enjoy unlimited internet anywhere you go in Europe and they are giving one of my lucky readers a €15 voucher to help YOU stay connected. So, are you headed to Europe soon and want to stay connected? Than tell me in the comments below what your favourite European city is and you could win!

So, what’s your favourite European city?


I’m a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and travel and hope to inspire others to feel the same way! Travelling mostly solo I love to explore Ontario Gems in my own backyard as well as exotic cities around the world.

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5 Responses

  1. Lauren says:

    Okay, this is the crazy cat lady in me talking…but in Riomaggiore, was the cat that you’re talking about a little brown cat with orange on its face, and a white chest and paws? LOL. I took photos of this cat that was always strolling around near the restaurants and shops on the main street of Riomaggiore at night, and this cat was such a sweetheart! Just wondering if we saw the same cat 🙂 I’m glad you’re having an amazing time!!! Many more adventures to you 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      No worries, you’re not the only crazy cat lady! Lol I did see the cat your talking about and even spent time with him in the laundromat! But this was an all dark one and she would walk him by the church above the main street.

  2. Alouise says:

    It sounds like you are having an amazing adventure. Good for you for not listening to the naysayers and going on your trip. I haven’t spent a lot of time in London (although I’m going to Spain and Finland this fall so winning an MTX Connect sim card would be perfect), but I really loved London (pricey but there’s lots to do) and Amsterdam.

    • Stephanie says:

      Good choices Alouise! London is full of things to do and Amsterdam is one of those unforgettable cities! congrats on winning!

  3. Angela Copper says:

    Hi Stephanie-
    Not looking to win as I just returned from Europe. Just wanted to join in the fun! My favorite city was definitely Paris. One night we took a dinner cruise and in an effort to save money decided to try to walk back to our hotel with a solemn promise to get a taxi if we started to feel uneasy. We started out walking down the quay where we got to see Paris’ young people, hundreds of them, socializing and having fun. Next, we asked a woman who was walking her dog, at 11:00 at night for directions and asked about the safety of the direction she recommended. She assured us we would be fine and so off we went. It was along this leg of our trip we ran into a celebration at a pub that was attended by three young men dressed as a friar, a priest and a rabbi. This was a fun encounter! Finally we were back at our hotel to get rest before our last day in this beautiful “City of Lights.”

What are your thoughts?

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