Big Thanks for the Sisterhood Award

The Sisiterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I’ve always been so thankful for the love and support that the blogging community gives to each other, from encouragement, advice and of course the fun blogging awards passed along like the Liebster Award and the Versatile Blogger Award.  So when I heard that Alyssa from Adjust Your Focus nominated me for The Sisterhood Award I was honoured.  As a solo female traveller I feel us ladies have got to stick together to inspire, lift and make the world see how truly amazing solo travel can be!

The Sisterhood Award

The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award is awarded to female bloggers around the world. Each thanks the ‘sister’ that nominated her for the award and answers her questions that were put to her and in turn nominates 10 more lovely ladies with a new batch of questions.  While I am now a huge fan of Alyssa’s Adjust Your Focus and would love to send out awards to 10 more deserving ladies I’ve chosen to simply express my respect and send a virtual nod of thanks for the inspiration, fantastic reads and encouragement that yes, we ladies can do anything we put our minds to, to a few amazing solo female travellers like the brave and woman of poetic pieces Nadine from Begin with a Single Step who has now completed 2 Caminos, Cristina from Chronicles of a Travel Addict who I’ve had the honour to meet twice on my travels and always astounds me with her fascinating writing that is always thought provoking and a fellow Canadian Hannah from Eat Sleep Breathe Travel who delights and amuses us all with her hilarious sense of misadventures.  Thank you ladies for sharing your awesomeness with the world!



England has so much! Like charming York

  1. Which country or city has surprised you the most so far?

Probably England to be honest. I’ve visited London 3 times in the past but didn’t explore much else of England except for Windsor, Stonehenge and Brighton but on my recent visit I decided to change that and see some more of what the country had to offer. I was blown away by the stunning and varied scenery, charming villages to bustling cities full of life and a character all their own. All I can say is don’t judge England on it’s food, London or the strong pound, it has much to offer.

  1. What is the best advice you can give a new blogger?

To be honest my best advice for a new blogger is to have fun with it. Do it because you enjoy all the craziness that comes along with it. But other than that I’d say network as much as you can through conferences, Facebook groups, be prepared to spend a lot of time spreading your stuff over social media and also make a schedule so you are not droning in blogging, social media and such…remember to make time to live, go out and of course travel!

  1. Have you ever volunteered overseas? If no, do you have any plans or interest to?

I’ve never volunteered overseas but if I were to it would probably be in relation to animals whether it’s help with research or helping out at a wildlife sanctuary.

  1. While traveling what has had the biggest impact on you and why?

The biggest impact on me while travelling has been the amazing people I’ve met and the help I’ve needed. From the guy on the train offering to help us out with a few extra dollars saying ‘pay it forward’ to the guy who helped me when I was lost looking for my hotel in Jersey. There are great and kind people everywhere you go!

Toronto Street car

  1. Have you ever been to a travel blogging conference? If yes, which one(s) and would you recommend it?

I’ve been to TBEX when it was in Toronto and learned so much! I really enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers, learning tips and advice at the seminars and of course being inspired by the awesome keynote speakers. Would I recommend it? Sure, especially if you are new to the world of blogging.

  1. If you could pick anywhere in the world to go where would it be?

Definitely Southern Africa! It’s always been my dream to explore Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana and of course go on safari and see the amazing animals I love in the wild!

  1. What’s your favourite travel quote?

Oh, tough one! I have so many that I love! But here is one of them…

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ~ Ibn Battuta

  1. When it comes to adventure, from skydiving to swimming with sharks, is there something you really want to do yet are terrified of?

There are lots of adventures I’d love to do and are my ‘list’ but I wouldn’t say I’m terrified to do it, nervous but more so excited – like skydiving!

Flemish Stew

  1. What is the most memorable and perhaps strangest food you’ve tried while traveling?

I’m not a big foodie so trying strange and unusual food isn’t my thing but while I was in Brussels I tried Flemish stew and it was to die for! Definitely one of the best meals I’ve had while traveling.

  1. What is one thing people might not know about you or your blog?

I’ve been bitten by a tiger… 😉

Who would you nominate for the Sisterhood Award?



I'm a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and travel and hope to inspire others to feel the same way! Travelling mostly solo I love to explore Ontario Gems in my own backyard as well as exotic cities around the world.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Sorry for the delayed reply but finally got to this. Loved reading your response and learning more about you! That travel quote is one of my favorites as well. Whenever you get to planning a trip to South Africa let me know! I visited (and loved it!) and will have lots of posts coming… and my mom is a travel agent, SA is one of the areas she specializes in!

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