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It’s a strange and amazing thing to feel at home in a new city but I was lucky enough to come across this feeling a few times on my epic adventure, once in Riomaggiore, in Edinburgh and the last special place was York. From my first day in York to my last I grew fond of specific places, had a favourite bakery, favourite chocolate shop and even a favourite bookshop to pop in and chat with the young lady there. The following are some of the places that struck a cord in me and helped me find My York!

Cornish BakeryBefore I headed for the sweets I loved heading over to Cornish Bakery on Colliergate for it’s fabulous food and even better prices. My favourite option for lunch was grabbing one of their cheese scones for only 60 pence, freshly baked everyday! Meet pies to sausage rolls the Cornish Bakery has something for everyone’s taste.

Monk Bar ChocolatiersYork is full of fantastic chocolate shops and even an attraction called York’s Chocolate Story where you’ll learn the history of chocolate in York! But my favourite place to grab a few pieces to try every day was Monk Bar Chocolatiers, York’s longest established artisan chocolatiers. Located along the Shambles and home to affordable and delicious chocolates Monk Bar Chocolatiers has everything from truffles to chocolate covered nuts, but my favourite was the Belgian Praline! Melt in your mouth heaven!

St. Mary's AbbeyAfter some great eats, sometimes you just want to sit and relax. My favourite place to unwind and surround myself with the beauty of nature and tranquility was in the Museum Gardens. Covering 10 acres and home to pretty flowers, the enchanted ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey, the Yorkshire Museum and many more historic ruins, including the west corner of the Roman fort of Eboracum. The Museum Gardens is a great place for a picnic, to soak up the sun, to explore or to sit and write. There was something magical about the way the light shone on the old ruin walls of the Abbey in the dusk and it’s so picturesque, set right along the River Ouse, that seemed to inspire a sense of wonder in me whenever I wandered its paths.

York wallsBut probably my most favourite thing to do in York was take to its walls, especially in the early morning before anyone else was around. I’d climb the steps of one of the bars (gateways) and stroll along one of York’s remaining wall sections. York’s old city walls are the longest medieval town walls in England at 3.4 kilometres long and date back to 71 AD with the Romans occupied Eboracum (what is now called York) but the majority of the walls we see today are from the 12th to 14th century. Walking the remaining walls offers stunning views of the city, from a quiet corner of York Minster to bustle of busy Micklegate Bar. When it’s quiet you can almost hear the footsteps of the ghosts that once walked the walls and probably still watch over York today. There is nothing richer than feeling like you’re truly walking in the footsteps of history.

Have you ever found your place in a new city?

My YorkI was a guest of Visit York and as always all opinions are my own.

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  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing your NYC. Hubby will put the chocolate shop on his list. One of our favorite NYC experiences was a walking food tour. Great Italian samples at every stop!

    • Stephanie says:

      This is a post on York, in England, not New York City. I’d hate for your hubby to go searching for the fab chocolate shop and not find it. And I agree sometimes you find the best food a city has to offer on a food tour!

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