Best Travel Reads of 2015

As a part-time traveller there are plenty of times when I’m not travelling and to help keep the wanderlust alive I love reading travel related pieces whether they’re travel blogs are travel books. Last year I started a Best Reads of 2014 and I’ve decided to make it a tradition and bring you my Best Travel Reads of 2015!

Best Travel Reads of 2015Best Travel Reads of 2015

Best Reads – Blogs

Camino Magic in the Real World by Nadine from Begin with a Single Step

It’s no surprise that another of Nadine’s pieces made its way into my best travel reads of 2015 after being one of my favourites in 2014 too. This piece, just like all of her writing, is beautifully poetic and is about her finding Camino (the ancient pilgrimage across Spain) magic in her everyday life. Those tiny moments that are magical, like seeing fox cubs play at the side of the road or seeing a rainbow after a heavy storm, sometimes we pass them by with not even a glance but these moments are special! And as such we should be grateful and mindful of them in our daily lives as we are while traveling. It’s pieces like this of Nadine’s that keep me coming back for more. She continues to inspire me to live, to hike and to write.

Best Travel Reads of 2015Café Iruna Musings by Cristina from Chronicles of a Travel Addict

Cristina’s Chronicles of a Travel Addict is another repeat! Her prose reminds me of a Frida Kahlo meets Ernest Hemingway. It was hard to choose a favourite but Café Iruna Musings was intoxicating and transported me to Spain’s Café Iruna in the present (with Cristina sipping her coffee and taking in her surroundings) and the past – where Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises was based. In this piece she also reflects on how Hemingway has helped shape her as a writer and person and helped lead her to Spain.

Be a Girl Who Travels by Hannah from Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

Hannah’s Eat Sleep Breathe Travel is full of fun and inspiring pieces and Be a Girl Who Travels is my favourite from 2015. She pours over the countless ways to be an awesome girl, not the one that covets a fat paycheck or defines herself on being with a man but instead one that chases her dreams of adventure, values her mind and isn’t afraid to be the best she can be.

Best Reads – Books

Girl Gone GreekGirl Gone Greek by Rebecca Hall

A fun tale of a woman’s wanderlust and courage to take up roots in a rural Greek village for a year to teach English. It will have you laughing, crying and either booking a flight to wonderful Greece or inspiring you to go off on your own adventure.

Backpacks & Bra Straps by Savannah Grace

The second book in the saga that was Savannah Grace and her family’s epic journey around the world on a shoestring budget. In Backpacks and Bra Straps she takes us from Russia’s Lake Baikal to Kazakhstan and finally to Mt. Everest in Nepal. Fading away is the bratty girl who wanted to go home in I Grew My Boobs in China and emerging is a brilliant young writer with a new passion to learn of the world.

Night Train to LisbonNight Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier

A thought provoking tale about a Swiss teacher and a book he discovers about a Portuguese doctor that changes the course of his life. After a routine life he breaks his habitual ways and takes the train to Lisbon.  Night Train to Lisbon is a hauntingly beautiful tale about love, life, finding our truths and our words to express ourselves. I read this before my visit to Lisbon earlier this year and was blown away by the other side of Lisbon it speaks of and it made my wanderlust for the city that much more heightened.

The Lying Tongue by Andrew Wilson

After graduating university in England the young and impressionable outcast, Adam Woods, heads to Venice to write a book. He takes a job with a recluse writer and soon decides to change what he’s writing about and write the writer’s biography in secret. But little does he know where it will lead. I fell in love with this haunting tale and couldn’t help but be enchanted by the setting of my beloved Venice. (I read this on my trip, just before I arrived in Venice!)

What was the best thing you read this year?


Best Travel Reads of 2015


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6 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    Aww thanks so much for the inclusion! So glad you enjoyed that blog post <3 loving the book ideas here too- I got a couple gift cards for Christmas so these are great ideas!

    • Stephanie says:

      You’re so very welcome Hannah! Thanks for all the great reads this year! Oh and for sure, if you ever need recommendations on new travel inspiring reads – I’ve got a ton!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ahhh – thanks so much for including “Girl Gone Greek”. So glad ‘she’ inspired you! Some great ideas here for my next read too.

  3. Nadine says:

    Thank you Stephanie!! This absolutely made my day, and almost brought tears to my eyes. Seriously, your words mean so, so much to me… and talk about inspiration! Reading something like this inspires ME to continue to travel and to write and to share my words and stories. Thanks for continuing to read and for sharing your own words here. And I wish you the BEST in 2016!!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you Nadine for your inspiration and I’m happy that I could touch you with my enjoyment of your work. Here’s to new adventures in 2016 and more great reads!

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