Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials

With the spring and summer soon approaching thoughts of road trips are on my mind as I’ll be taking quite a few this year. But we all need a few key ingredients to make a successful road trip. So I put together my top five road trip essentials.

Road trips are a great way to have travel be a part of your life while in between big trips or if your budget is minimal local road trips can be fun and exciting. Little weekend excursions help to mix up the daily routine. These excursions don’t have to take you far nor last days. Taking the day to check out a nearby town or city, whether it’s exploring their hiking trails, museums or shops. This year I plan on taking road trips all over Ontario, exploring its gems and discovering the wealth of natural beauty Ontario has to offer. Any road trip requires a few must have items to help you get to where you’re going, make the ride comfortable and fun and ensure you have an idea of what your destination has to offer.


A Map

For many, nowadays, a GPS is essential for any road trip whether its built into their car, through a mobile device or an actual GPS unit. But for me an old school map is always in my car and though I may consult Google Maps to plan my route ahead of time I always refer to my map while on the road. I find relying on a GPS make you lose track of your own natural compass. I love the thrill of looking for street signs, reading road signs and the fun of finding a new spot. Even getting lost can be a whole new added adventure!


Music is a must for any road trip! Whether you’ve got a pre-set playlist or are still popping in the good ol’ CDs, music makes a dull, monotonous highway fun as you belt out the lyrics and bob along to a great beat. I even have my own travel playlist filled with wanderlust songs.


I never leave the house without some form of camera, whether its my mobile or my Sony Cyber-Shot. But especially if I’m heading out on the road for a road trip – for the day or a few days – I always bring my camera. It’s actually the first thing I pack! Taking random shots of strange sights on the road or coming across beautiful vistas, I love having my camera to photograph and document my experiences. I never tire of looking at funny, strange or awesome shots from across the globe to right in my own backyard. Looking back on them, reminiscing and reliving those memories are a great way to maintain that travel high while not on the road.


Coffee is the lifeline of my life. And nothing is more essential for a road trip, especially a long distance one, than a good strong cup of coffee, or in the summer a nice refreshing iced coffee. Coffee helps to keep me perked up and alert on the road and I LOVE it!

travel brochures

Brochures & Flyers

For any successful road trip a stop at an Ontario Travel Information Centre (or your own local travel and tourism bureau) is a must to collect brochures and flyers on your chosen destination. These will give you ideas on things to do and see, places to stay and many of them come with coupons. Who doesn’t love saving money with coupons?

What are your road trip essentials?

Road Trip Essentials


I'm a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and travel and hope to inspire others to feel the same way! Travelling mostly solo I love to explore Ontario Gems in my own backyard as well as exotic cities around the world.

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    Personaly, I always make sure I have the essentials with me when I’m on a roadtrip.

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