Protect Your Goods with the Original Travel Bra

The Original Travel BraEvery year millions of passports get stolen, plus the countless loss of cash and other valuables that get pickpocketed or taken in one way or another. So what can you do to help prevent this while travelling? Protect your goods with the Original Travel Bra!

The Original Travel Bra

Forget about the old, beige, ugly, sweat-inducing money belt. There is now a travel bra that goes above and beyond the passé money belt. The Original Travel Bra is designed for women by women. Made from an organic cotton and bamboo blend it is also anti-microbacterial, making sure to not only keep you cool in the summer but also ensuring the fabric won’t absorb odors. The Original Travel Bra has multiple pockets to hide your precious passport and keep your valuables hidden from lurking thieves.

travel bra diagramHow does it work?

The Original Travel Bra has five places to hide your valuable.

  • A drop down pocket in the front band to secure your passport.
  • A pocket in the back band for credit and debit cards.
  • Pockets in the bra’s cups for concealing cash.
  • Small pockets in the front straps to keep valuables like jewellery and USB drives close to your heart.

Original Travel Bra ReviewTravel Bra Review

My first impression of the travel bra was just how incredibly soft the Original Travel Bra was and how comfortable it felt on. It was a far cry from the uncomfortable and awkward money belt for travels past. The bra was supportive, which is worth the price without the pockets, plus it didn’t have a label which was fantastic since I hate them – labels are scratchy and irritating. Then I stuffed the travel bra full of all my travel essential valuables; my passport, a few bills, my debit and credit card (not the Starbucks card shown lol), my favourite ring and one of my camera memory cards. And honestly, to my surprise I could barely feel it all. I even donned a tank top over it to see if the travel bra, full of my goods, was at all noticeable and it wasn’t. I could even access some of the pockets, the cash filled cups and passport, if need be.


The Original Travel Bra is a great option for any lady who travels. It’s a great, and dare I say a must, for backpackers who haunt hostels and solo female travellers. With no one to watch your back you’ll be assured your treasured goods will be safe while travelling through busy areas and high pickpocket zones. Also you can wear it at night on overnight trains or in hostels so you can rest in peace knowing your stuff will be with you when you rise and shine. I also love that because of the fabric, that won’t absorb odors, you don’t have to wash it as frequently making it great for long-term travellers and those who pack light.


The Original Travel Bra costs $59.95 AUS and comes in variable sizes.

Check out their site The Travel Bra for their ever increasing list of products – there’s even something for you fellas!

Original Travel BraHow do you protect your valuables while travelling?

I was given the Original Travel Bra in return for an honest review and as always all opinions are my own.


I'm a Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and travel and hope to inspire others to feel the same way! Travelling mostly solo I love to explore Ontario Gems in my own backyard as well as exotic cities around the world.

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    Hi! What size did you buy? I’m a 34B and I can’t decide if I’m a S or M.

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