Meow Cat Café: Lattes and Cat Love


It’s no surprise that I love animals! And I have an extreme fondness for cats. So, when cat cafes started popping up close to home I had to visit one. After hearing reviews from one of the three cat cafes in Toronto a friend and I chose Meow Cat Café.

Cat Cafes

While the first one was opened in Taiwan, cat cafes really first became popular in Japan. There, many people can’t keep pets in their small apartments, so the concept of cat cafes offered those who loved pets, like cats, a chance to regularly experience the amazing love these animals can give. Now cat cafes are popping up across the globe.

*Did you know petting a cat helps reduce your blood pressure and stress?

Meow Cat Cafe

Meow Cat Café

While some cat cafes house rescued cats, or cats up for adoption from local shelters, Meow Cat Café is home to cats from one owner. And you can tell she loves them! There are six cats, of varying ages and breeds, and they were all very healthy looking. There was even a placard for each cat with their name, age and breed on it. The cats have an array of places to hide, and plenty of toys and things to entertain themselves when they’re not napping.

Some cat cafes have cover charges, but Meow Cat Café is free with a drink purchase. There are a few different seating arrangements, at the front and the back. And I was blown away at the impeccable cleanliness of the place. Usually where there are cats, it can smell like cats. And even though we sat by the litter boxes we couldn’t even smell them. It wasn’t until halfway through our visit that I even noticed them. They also sell a variety of cat and other pet supplies for your feline friends at home.

We were there for well over an hour. Drinking our lattes, happily snapping endless photos of the adorable cats, and of course cuddling some. They all had their individual personalities. Like ZeZe the Maine Coon, who had a bit of a grumpy pout. He was playful one minute and the next I saw him up on a shelf hiding behind a cat bed. The little white one, Latte, was precious and loved to play.

Cat Cafe

Can you spot the cat?

I was enamoured with the cats, and the experience. If you’re in Toronto’s Mid-Town area I recommend a visit to the Meow Cat Café.

cat cafe rules


Be sure to read over the ‘rules’ before you even purchase your drink. Most cat cafes have their own rules posted.

Don’t use your camera flash.

Don’t feed them people food.

Don’t touch the cats if they are sleeping or eating.

And don’t go to a cat café with the expectation that you pick up, cuddle of even pet all the cats. They all have their own personalities and it’s best to let them come to you, and follow their lead.

Want to learn more about times and location? Check out their Facebook page here.

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Meow Cat Cafe


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  1. Hannah says:

    Animal cafes are kinda awesome! Personally I am allergic to cats so would skip it, but would love to go to a dog one. Awesome idea for those who miss their pets when travelling!

    • Stephanie says:

      Sorry to hear about your allergies Hannah! But you’re right, animal cafes are an awesome idea, as long as they’re done well.

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