6 Ways to Reduce Your Footprint on Venice

Venice is one of those magical cities that tug at your heart strings. With brilliant sunsets along the Grand Canal, amazing architecture, and alleyways to get wonderfully lost in, Venice gives us so much more than we could ever in return. But there are various things in the works to help protect this iconic city. And you can do your part too by choosing to travel responsibly.

*The 60,000 daily tourists to Venice overshadow the 55,000 permanent residence*

I love Venice and even wrote about my love affair with it here. And while I’ve had the good fortune to visit three times, it scares me to think that with the growing number of visitors that it could be in serious jeopardy. So, I encourage you to do your part next time you visit and be a steward of responsible travel. With these six simple ways to reduce your footprint in Venice, we can hope this enchanting floating city lasts a while longer.


Venice Responsible Travel

1. Pick up Your Bag

Responsible travel in Venice can be as easy as picking up your bag while traveling over Venice’s bridges. The constant rolling of tourist’s suitcases up and over these old and delicate bridges takes its toll and causes irreparable damage.

2. Use Public Water

With the horrible mess plastic water bottles are creating across the globe, invest in a good reusable water bottle, even for your travels. Did you know there are plenty of places where you can top up your bottle in Venice? Over 100 fountains can be found around Venice that provide fresh, safe, and good water for drinking and reduces plastic water bottle purchases.

Venice food market

3. Eat Local

Venice has many options where you can dine on either organic or zero miles food. What is zero miles food? It’s food grown locally and delivered by rowboat. Also, it’s grown by non-intensive methods, and without the use of chemicals. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, a farmers market, or grocer, reduce your footprint in Venice by eating locally.

4. Walk Everywhere

Traveling by public transport is one of the ways you can reduce your footprint worldwide. But it’s so easy to do so in Venice. With the Vaporetto system, it’s easy to maneuver around the floating city. But don’t forget, Venice is linked together by hundreds of bridges. Making walking the ideal way to explore Venice and reduce your footprint completely. Plus, walking along its narrow passages and getting lost is the best way to experience this magical city.

Venice glass souvenirs

5. Purchase Local Souvenirs

Purchasing locally made souvenirs is something to keep in mind wherever you travel to. Venice has many options to purchase souvenirs, literally around every corner. But the truth is, many of these “Venice” souvenirs aren’t even from Venice at all. But instead mass produced elsewhere. Instead, try purchasing souvenirs from local artisans. Glass blowers, painters, carnival mask makers, and local jewelers all have shops, and there are even workshops where you can watch it being made. Timeout even put together a handy guide of the best souvenir shops in Venice.

6. Explore Further

Every first-time visitor to Venice has two main stops in mind, St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge. And in turn, these areas are always congested. But there is so much more to Venice than its top attractions. Did you know that Venice has over 30 parks? You can even head to the mainland and go hiking through one of Venice’s large parks. I consider one of the best things to do in Venice is to simply wander down its alleyways in search of hidden gems. And by ensuring you explore further afield you are helping to reduce your footprint by avoiding these high traffic areas.


Venice’s tourism site can help you find other gems to explore with its Fuorirotta Map. Fuorirotta means detour, and this map will help you choose responsible, eco-friendly, and ethical travel by taking you to places not on the average tourist’s radar. The map shows where to find Venice’s drinking fountains, where to find organic and zero miles food, where to purchase ‘made in Venice’ items, parks, and more.

How do you reduce your footprint when you travel?

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Venice Responsible Travel - 6 Ways to Reduce Your Footprint


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