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street art by JPS 4

Bristol’s Street Art

If ever there was a city that was the epitome of street art and graffiti culture it would be Bristol. Located two hours west of London it has been said that ‘Bristol is the...

Athens street art 2

Athens Street Art

If ever there was something that truly brings a city to life it would be its street art. Some call it graffiti but for many they are statement pieces of a city’s artists. Wherever...

Riomaggiore 0

I Left a Piece of My Heart in Riomaggiore

As the train pulled out of Genoa’s Brignole train station on its way to Cinque Terre I wondered what my next stop of Riomaggiore would hold. The train trundled along Italy’s north-west coast, with wondrous...

books inspire travel part two 4

Books that Inspire Travel – Part Two

We travel the world over for many reasons. To explore iconic cities like Paris and London. To experience ruins, historic sites, charming neighbourhoods and in search of our heritage. There are countless ways we...