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The World As I See It focuses on travel that involves seeking out charming locations, natural landscapes and historic sites, but doesn’t shy away from tourist attractions.  As a solo female traveller I enjoy taking tours of the cities I’m visiting as well as day tours to locations outside the city.  And as a Canadian living in Ontario I adore seeking out and exploring all that Ontario has to offer.

At The World As I See It I appreciate the journey it takes to get to my destination, whether via plane, train, bus or car, just as much as the destination itself.  Through The World As I See It I hope to inspire people to get out and explore the world whether it’s their own backyard, a foreign country or a road trip seeking out small towns and the exciting beauty of nature, to expand their senses and enrich their life.

The World As I See It is also partnered with Lady of the Zoos – a blog that is focused on educating the public on the world of zoos & aquariums, wildlife and wild spaces.

Freelance Writing:

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I’m also a contributing writer for The Budget-Minded Travel, and my work has been seen on Huffington Post.

Possible Partnerships:

*Hotel/Lodging Reviews
*Adventure & Activity Reviews
*Product & Gear Reviews
*Press Trips/Sponsored Travel
*Travel Book Reviews
*Social Media promotion

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