Hiking Part of the Trans Canada Trail for Thanksgiving

Hiking Part of the Trans Canada Trail for ThanksgivingI’ve had quite a busy Thanksgiving weekend with family to entertain, a trip to explore Midland and it’s murals, and needed to take a break from it all – family frenzies, being glued to my computer and writing.  So I decided to head out to hike a small portion of the Trans Canada Trail, not ten minutes from my home.  Strangely enough it was for the first time!  I know I’ve lived in Simcoe County for almost 25 years now and not taken advantage of this section of the Trans Canada Trail, but today was the day!

The Trans Canada Trail is one of the world’s longest networks of recreational trails and once completed will be almost 24,000km from the Atlantic to Pacific and Arctic oceans and cross through every province and territory in Canada.  The project began in 1992 to help celebrate Canada’s 125th year and is 75% complete as of today.

Trans Canada Trail Stats:

17,000km of the 24,000km are complete (75%)
4 out of 5 Canadians live within 30 minutes of the trail
Completion is tentatively scheduled for 2017 – Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation

trans canada trail innisfilFor me hiking, especially solo, is an awesome time to connect with nature, unwind from technology (fellow bloggers we need to do this more often), simply be, enjoy serenity and of course think.  I must admit as someone who loves taking photos, I did take many – I mean how could I not with stunning scenery and fantastic fall colours – but I did put the camera down too, to simply be in the moment.  Watching families pass by enjoying some well spent time together outdoors, people walking their furry companions, I couldn’t help but smile.  There is something utterly irresistible about the sheer awesomeness that being in the great outdoors brings to my heart, its pure contentedness.  With birds chirping, the leaves rustling beneath my feet and the trees swaying in the slight wind, glimpses of sun through the trees that lined that trail and the smell of intoxicating fresh air filling my lungs I thought, if there is a heaven, this is mine!

With all that peace and quiet and inspiring surroundings I found my mind drifting, from writing pieces in my mind to thinking about nature and the need for more of it in our daily lives, and about hiking and how I adore it so.  Then I starting thinking of walking the Camino, which didn’t surprise me as I think of it every time I go out hiking, but this time was different.  With trail markers notifying you of your distance hiked and the long, wide-set trail, the changing scenery from woods, to fields to town I couldn’t help but really think of what it would be like to walk the Camino. And it was today that I finally knew – I mean REALLY knew – that not only did I have to and need to walk it but that I COULD walk it.  And so though there is nothing set in stone and a lot can happen between now and then, I set a date in mind – spring/summer of 2016, I will try to walk the Camino.  And whether it’s in 2016 or some later date I will always be grateful to the Trans Canada Trail for helping me come to know I can do it.

trans canada trailI’ve been hiking many trails in and around Simcoe County this year but this one felt different, like you couldn’t help but be reminded that you are walking the Trans Canada Trail and in doing so are a part of Canada in a bigger way.  I felt more Canadian for finally setting foot to trail.  And on this Thanksgiving long weekend, I am so very thankful for so many things, for my health, for being Canadian, for the ability to follow my passions through writing, travelling and sharing my journey and for the Trans Canada Trail for inspiring me to live life.

Have you ever hiked the Trans Canada Trail?


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    I share your passion for hiking and I loved reading your blog. Thanks for sharing

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