A Carry-On Traveller’s Dream Bag by CabinZero

I’ve travelled with a carry-on bag for years now. I love the freedom that travelling with a carry-on bag gives you. And while I’ve tried a few different carry-on bags, I hadn’t found the perfect bag…until now! I’ve found the carry-on traveller’s best bag, and it’s from CabinZero.



CabinZero is a British company born out of the dream of owner Neil Varden’s desire to have the best bag. As a long time traveller who realized early on the benefits of travelling light he went on to create CabinZero. Made for travellers by travellers, the CabinZero bag is the perfect sized bag. It was created with the standard airline carry-on bag size in mind. Some top airlines that the CabinZero bag fits are; Ryan Air, British Airways, Easy Jet, and Air Canada.

What’s with the name? Simply put, CabinZero means Cabin Sized = Zero Hassles.

CabinZero bag

The Best Bag

As a carry-on bag traveller myself, the CabinZero bag is the best bag. It’s roomy 44 litre capacity means you can pack more than you think. And the handles, on both the side of the bag and top, makes it easy to carry. But if you’re in a rush, or carrying food and drink, the ability to throw it on as a backpack adds to its versatility.

Speaking of versatility, the bag is great for not just travelling, but also for road trips, weekend getaways, and even day hikes. Its light weight materials, and thick padded shoulder straps make it ideal for hiking all day, or taking the long walk to your accommodation, instead of grabbing a bus.

There are a wide assortment of styles and colours, to suit everyone’s interest. From green military to vintage inspired styles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bag for you. I chose the Vintage – Ultra-Light Cabin Bag in navy. I love the timeless look, and the fact that the bottom and front brown detailing is an eco-friendly material.


Volume:  44 litres
Weight:  760 grams
Dimensions:  Fits 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Composition:  Outer – Waterproof polyester, Lining – polyester
Warranty:  25 year if you ‘Like’ CabinZero on Facebook


Why Choose a CabinZero Bag?

If my word isn’t enough to convince you that it’s the perfect bag, than maybe all of the following reasons why you should choose a CabinZero bag will. These bags have some fantastic features. First and foremost, is the cabin size, which will save you tons of cash in checked luggage fees. Secondly, all of their bags have a built in Global Tracker, powered by Okoban, meaning your bag will never be lost again. Plus, there’s all the other bag features like; light weight, roomy interior, top and side handles, and great style and colour. And the fact that it’s made from quality materials, making it a good investment that will last a long time. A good eco-friendly bit, quality merchandise equals less waste.

But there’s also another great reason to purchase a CabinZero bag. They are all about being a socially responsible brand. None of their products are made in sweatshops. In fact, you can even read interviews from those who work in their factories on their blog. They also support charities in developing nations. And, they encourage sustainable tourism.

Need another reason to go buy a CabinZero bag?

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Disclaimer: I was given a bag by CabinZero in exchange for my review. But as always, all opinions are my own.

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The Best Bag: by Cabin Zero


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