Athens Street Art

If ever there was something that truly brings a city to life it would be its street art. Some call it graffiti but for many they are statement pieces of a city’s artists. Wherever I travel to I always seek out street art, from the murals of Midland, Ontario and Philadelphia to Lisbon, Portugal and Athens, Greece. A trip to Europe in search of great art wouldn’t be complete without hitting the streets of Athens to explore Athens street art.

Athens Street Art

While in Athens I was excited to explore a couple of the key neighborhoods I had heard had some of the best street art in Europe. It only seemed fitting to wander its streets in search of ‘graffiti‘ since the word stems from the Greek word ‘graphi‘ which means ‘to write’. And write they do in the forms of Greek icons like Poseidon to political statements and of course where most art stems from – love. My time in Athens was limited but I was able to explore Anafiotika, Psiri and Plaka – all in the downtown area, while other popular neighborhoods for street art are Exarchina, Gazi and Metaxourgeio.The following are my favourite pieces of Athens street art.

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Athens street art

Athens street art

Before I headed to Greece I looked into Athens street art and had come across photos of this crazy curly-haired lady that pop up all over the city and knew I had to seek out her in person. I saw her nearly around every corner it seemed. I later learned they were by a broken hearted guy who’s girlfriend broke up with him and afterward to remind her of his love he made sure to create these pieces along her route.

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Athens Street ArtAthens Street ArtAthens Street Art

Athens Street Art

Athens Street Art

Athens Street Art

These last two are my favourites because of their link to Athens mythology and to me screamed Greece like no other street art in Athens I saw.

Wandering Athens in search of street art is a great option for budget travellers. And if you’re looking for more budget-friendly options here are 7 free things to do in Athens!

A great site to check out for locations and more insight into the various pieces of Athens street art is BLocal Travel Blog

Have you explored Athens’ street art?

Athens Street Art



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  1. Simply gorgeous! Street art in Athens can be quite a hit or miss. But you do capture some really awesome ones! My favorite street art spot in Athens has to be the stretch of streets along Psirri, especially around Louka Nika. It’s so colorful I just love it!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks Andrew! I was surprised by it’s diversity in street art, and I agree with you on Psirri, its so colourful!

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