Toronto Street Art – Culture, Colour and Community

In every city I explore I can’t help but seek out its street art. Whether it’s Athens street art full of mythological figures or Bansky in Bristol, street art can tell a lot about a city. It speaks to what the people feel about politics to how they express love.

Toronto street art is just as eclectic as any other city. Maybe even more so as it’s one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. From Chinatown to Mid-town you’ll find a wide array of pieces and forms.

While street art can be found across the city, here are the top five areas to find the best of Toronto street art.

Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley

Toronto’s most well-known hot spot for street art is Graffiti Alley. So much so, it’s even on Google Maps! Graffiti Alley is a one kilometre laneway south of Queen Street West, that’s chalked full of colour. From classic cartoon characters to haunting pieces and even an entire building in an underwater theme. I may be biased by I think it’s one of the most photogenic laneway ever!

Ossington street art

Ossington Lane

Further west is Ossington Lane, located north of Queen Street. Here you’ll find another laneway, running north of Queen and west of Ossington Avenue. While it’s not as prolific as Graffiti Alley, it is still full of character pieces. Actually this entire neighbourhood is littered with cool street art.

Kesington Market street art

Kensington Market

Home to bohemian chic shops, cool cafes, and a very hippy-artsy vibe, Kensington Market is home to some beautiful street art, with an air for whimsy. Look down alleyways and above store fronts for pieces with very feminine curves and full of colour. There’s even a car turned street art!

Underpass Park

Underpass Park

In the east end of Toronto’s downtown, just north-east of the Distillery District, lies an urban park. A park that makes the most of the concrete and pillars of an overpass. Here you’ll find a strange jungle gym, a basketball court, and skateboarding ramps. And you’ll find some more diverse Toronto street art.

To one side it appears the community are holding up the overpass – literally pillars of the community. While to the other side colours come alive and bring light to this otherwise dark area.

Pleghm street art


Walking up Yonge Street towards Mid-Town you’ll find a scattering of large murals. Like a massive piece of some iconic singer-songwriters. And one of the city’s newest pieces, City Man, located just off Saint Clair Avenue West. Created by one of the world’s top street art artists, Pleghm. This massive piece, while in the shape of a crouching man – is made up of all of Toronto’s iconic sights and its diverse neighbourhoods.

More Toronto Street Art

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Have you discovered Toronto Street Art yet? Do you have a favourite?

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5 Best Spots to Find Toronto Street Art


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  1. Rekha says:

    Thanks for the Graffiti tour of Toronto. I would be visiting Canada in May. Look forward to see more of these…

  2. I visited Toronto when I was 16 and a gothic teen, and I absolutley loved it. It was so vibrant and original. I love those artworks!

  3. Cathy says:

    I can’t wait to visit!! Thank you for highlighting the best places to see!

    • Stephanie says:

      My pleasure Cathy! Toronto is full of it, and it’s out in plain sight in some places and hidden down alleyways in others! Hope you have an awesome time in Toronto!

  4. Meg Marshall says:

    Bloordale is gaining more and more. There are so many amazing pieces in the west end too!

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