19 Awesome Things to do in Stratford Ontario

Imagine a story-book town that will make you feel like you’re walking through the set of a Hallmark movie. (Many are filmed here!) That place is Stratford Ontario! You’ll find a ton of fun things to do in Stratford Ontario. It has all the feels of a small town but with everything a fabulous city has to offer!

As I return again and again, I’m always on the hunt for the best Stratford has to offer! In my travel guide to Stratford you’ll find everything you need to know! Whether you’re planning weekend getaway or day trip, I’ve got you covered!

Where is Stratford Ontario?

Stratford is located in southwestern Ontario’s Perth County. Both the city and river running through it are named in honour of the English town Stratford-Upon-Avon where William Shakespeare was born. Surrounded by farmland and built by people with a strong community minded focus, Stratford is where support local shines! Forget about big box stores and fast food chains you’ll want to dig into all things local in Stratford.

15 Best Things to do in Stratford Ontario

Whether you’re looking for a girls getaway, romantic weekend away or day trip from the city, Stratford is the place to be!  There are so many fun things to do in Stratford, Ontario that will excite everyone’s interests. Stratford is known as a premier arts town but there is so much more! There’s plenty of outdoor adventures, fabulous food, cute shops and so much more!

Interior Festival Theatre in Stratford, Ontario
Interior of Festival Theatre

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Stratford Festival

Stratford is best known for the Stratford Festival. For many, it hits top of the list for things to do in Stratford. Plus, it’s one of the top things to do in Ontario!

And for those who love the arts, it’s a great place to start your Stratford itinerary. The Stratford Festival has been going strong for over 60 years. It is noted as being the largest classical repertory theatre company in North America.

While it originally started out as the Shakespearean Festival it now encompasses an array of performances, from Shakespearean plays to films turned stage show. With a dozen shows each year there is a show for everyone. Whether you’re young or old, looking for dark or comedy, a musical and even family friendly, the Stratford Festival has something for you.

The season runs from spring to fall and shows take place across four different theatres. Get your tickets here! And be sure to check out the new and stunning Tom Patterson Theatre, named after the visionary behind the Stratford Festival.

Get your tickets here!

Gallery Stratford

Gallery Stratford

It wouldn’t be an artsy town without an art gallery. And Gallery Stratford is home to a permanent collection as well as revolving exhibition. With a focus on regional and Canadian art, the Gallery is a great place to wander and be inspired. And if you’re looking for something more they offer workshops and classes.

If you’re looking for things to do in Stratford with kids then check out their children’s programs.

The Gallery Stratford is one of the longest operating public art galleries in Ontario and is located just a short walk from downtown in the city’s historic former pump house. Surrounded by scenic parkland and outdoor sculptures. So be sure to take time to wander the grounds as well.

If you love art then you should check out the Art Walk Audio Tour that starts at the Gallery Stratford and take you to over a dozen locations around town.

Stratford street art

Hunt for Street Art

Every great city has street art and there’s a ton to be found in Ontario! Stratford is full of it! Sometimes it’s out in plain sight and sometimes it’s hidden down alleyways. Around town, you can spot it on electric boxes that are painted. They all showcase highlights of the city, like the swans of Stratford and on another of you’ll see William Shakespeare himself.

There is also a large mural right downtown, on Ontario Street, welcoming you to Stratford! But there are two little gems.

One is on Google Maps, just like Graffiti Alley is in Toronto. It’s Allen’s Alley. Located off Wellington Street, this alley is home to some of Stratford’s famous musicians.

The other one is O’Higgins Alley and can be found behind Gallery Indigena, off of Downie Street. This alleyway showcases portraits of some of Stratford’s famous actors who’ve graced the stage here, like Sir Alec Guinness and William Shatner.

On a recent visit to Stratford I found a few more pieces! One of which can be found behind Revival House. Here you’ll find a large shipping container that has been transformed into the Love Wins Mural. If you’re looking for Instagrammable places to go in Stratford then this is where it’s at! You can also find another shipping contain mural behind the Gallery Stratford.

Are you an art lover? Here’s your Art Lover’s Guide to Stratford.

Shakespearean Garden

Gardens in Stratford

Stratford is home to an array of beautiful gardens to explore. Two of the best ones are the Shakespearean Gardens and the Festival Gardens.

For all visitors, one of the top things to do in Stratford is to visit the Shakespearean Gardens. Set along the Avon River, it was created in 1936 and is home to a wide range of plants and flowers. Molded after a classic English garden, it’s like a slice of Europe in Ontario.

Wander along sculpted hedged pathways, past a towering chimney that is the only remnant of an 1874 mill, over a wooden bridge and onto a shaded island and you’ll feel a world away. Among the roses you’ll also meet a bronze bust of Shakespeare himself.

Another of the best gardens in Stratford is the Festival Gardens. These are made up of three separate gardens that can all be found surrounding the Festival Theatre. The Arthur Meighen Gardens sits west of the Theatre and always has something blooming any time your visit. It’s a great place to stroll before your play.

The Elizabethan Gardens, set to the south side of the Theatre is home to plants that were known in Shakespeare’s time, many of which are mentioned in his writings. You’ll also find statues, sculptures, and even a fountain inscribed with a quote from Shakespeare – “these flow’rs are like the pleasures of the world.” And again, you’ll meet the man himself, a strong statue of William Shakespeare.

The other garden by the Theatre is the Carpet Gardens. In recent years they have been designed to feature symbols related to plays from that season. Some are easy to figure out while others you’ll have to sit and think hard to decipher them.

Things to do in Stratford - explore the Avon River

Explore the Avon River

Winding its way through Stratford is the Avon River. There are a wealth of ways it can be appreciated, both by land and by water. One of the top dates back to the mid 1800’s and you can still do it today! Avon Boat Rentals offers a range of experiences along the Avon River. You can enjoy a boat tour aboard the Juliet III or opt to rent paddle boats, kayaks or canoes. Getting out on the river is a must while in Stratford!

A stroll along the Avon River is the perfect way to burn off all the great food you’ll be eating. Plus, you’ll spot a plethora of wildlife, from the famous swans of Stratford to heron stalking in the reeds.

Another great way to enjoy the Avon River is to wander along it riverside trails. This trail system is part of the 110 kilometre Avon Trail which runs from St. Marys to Conestogo. Part of the trail, called the Stratford Side Trail, spans the length of the Avon River through Stratford.

If you’re looking for a different way to enjoy the river, Avon Boat Rentals also rents out bicycles. But be sure to explore all along the river, not just in the downtown. There are hidden gems found throughout! Like a wooden pedestrian bridge that crosses the river and leads to an enchanting boardwalk trail through the forest.

Hike the T.J. Dolan Trail

You don’t have to leave the city to go for a hike in Stratford. The T.J. Dolan Trail that runs right through the city. From the T.J. Dolan Natural Area through downtown, and around the Avon River, this hike is one of the top things to do outdoors in Stratford! With several side trails, all of which are well marked, this beautiful trail is a great way to enjoy Stratford’s green side.

Within the T.J. Dolan Natural Area you’ll feel a world away from the city. Spot deer in the bush, songbirds in the trees, and monarchs following you along the trail. And don’t forget a hat for those open sections and bug spray for those dense areas close to water.

Stratford is an incredibly green city, with over 1000 acres of groomed parkland, it boasts the largest parkland per capita of any other city in Canada. And so, offers visitors a wealth of gardens, hiking trails, and of course, the Avon River. Nature addicts will love all the things to do in outdoors in Stratford.

Oedipus Rex mask

Stratford Perth Museum

Stratford is considered one of Canada’s best preserved heritage communities. And there is a ton of things to do in Stratford for history buffs. A great first stop on your Stratford itinerary is to the Stratford Perth Museum to dive into the area’s rich history.

Set on 5 acres, in an 1870 Victorian home that is dubbed the Holliday House, after the gentleman it was built for, the museum has some incredible exhibits.

The Stratford Perth Museum has a few ongoing exhibits. One of my favourites is the Railway Century. This exhibit tells the story of Stratford’s history as a railway hub. Did you know that Stratford was home to the locomotive repair shop operated by the Grand Trunk Railway? You can see the tools they used, lamps, a uniform, and incredible photos from Stratford’s rail era.

There are also revolving exhibits every year. A few years ago I got to see one that was beyond memorable! The Harper Lee: To Kill a Mockingbird exhibit, in partnership with the Monroe County Museum in Alabama, was a dream come true to see. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all-time favourite books! To go along with the play, which was also running at the Stratford Festival, it was the perfect way to learn about the significance the book has had and continues to have, as well as learn about Harper Lee herself.

Of course, one of the most popular exhibits at the Stratford Perth Museum is the Justin Bieber: Steps to Stardom. The exhibit shares the story of Justin, born and raised in Stratford, and his rise to fame. But the museum has a bunch of great exhibits, both permanent and rotating ones, so be sure to visit on every visit!

Take a Walking Tour

One of the best things you can do in a city is to take a walking tour. It’s a great way to get your bearings and learn about the place your visiting from a local. If you’re looking for activities in Stratford then try one of their amazing walking tours.

There are self-guided ones that you can download on your mobile or pick up a printed copy from the tourist office. A couple of great choices are the Riverwalk Heritage tour and the Heritage Festival Stroll. Plus, there’s even a Justin Bieber’s Stratford tour!

Stratford’s newest tour series comes in the form of an audio tour. These incredible audio tours are a fun way to explore Stratford, learn about the stories behind some popular places, and find hidden gems. There are currently nine audio tours to choose from.

Head to Visit Stratford’s website to find the tours, click the tour you want to take and it will bring up a map of all the stops. Each stop has an audio clip telling you about the history and story behind it.

A few tours I recommend are the Epitaphs & Headstones Tour, perfect for chasing ghosts, Saints & Sinners Tour, and the Stratford Garden Tour.

Stratford ghost walk guides

Go on a Ghost Walk

Speaking of walking tours, one of the things that will get your heart racing is to go on a ghost walk. Who doesn’t like to wander the streets at dark, hearing stories of hauntings and looking over your shoulder? So, if you’re looking for what to do in Stratford at night then add a ghost walk to your itinerary. Did you know that Stratford is one of the most haunted places in Ontario?

The Ghosts of Stratford walks are put on by actors from the Playmakers Theatre School in Stratford. There is the Pubs, Pilsners and Spirits Tour where you can hear about the haunted places in Stratford to enjoy a pint.

I went on the God’s Acre Tour, where I heard tales from the city’s dark history – from mishaps at the Grand Trunk Railway to their very own Jack the Ripper. Stratford is full of stories of haunted homes, strange and unusual happenings at the jail and Perth County Courthouse, and even has a ghost that lurks along the Avon River.

Things to do in Stratford - Chocolate Trail chocolate

Taste the Chocolate Trail

If there is one reason to visit Stratford for foodies it is Chocolate! Stratford is home to some of the best chocolate shops in Ontario. Even the Food Network called it an “ideal destination for chocolate lovers.” So, it’s no surprise that one of the top things to do in Stratford is indulge in the Chocolate Trail.

The Chocolate Trail is a self-guided trail that takes you to dozens of shops, restaurants, and more to try their chocolate treats. How does it work? You purchase your Chocolate Trail pass that includes a brochure showcasing all of the stops along the trail, what they offer, a map, and of course your vouchers. You get 6 vouchers to exchange for either delicious treats, discounts, or other cool gifts from the participating shops.

The Chocolate Trail is always changing things up with new stops but there are always a few staples to count on! A few must stops along the trail for delicious chocolate treats are Rheo Thompson Candies for their famous Mint Smoothies, Chocolate Barr’s Candies, and Small Mart for their fun retro chocolate bars.

Braai House restaurant in Stratford
Braai House dinner

Eat at Stratford Restaurants

Stratford is a treasure trove for unique and truly local places to eat and drink. Being surrounded by some of Ontario’s best farmlands takes Stratford’s food scene to a whole other level. Using locally grown and sourced ingredients is a standard for many of Stratford’s restaurants, cafés, and eateries.

This makes for incredibly tasty food, like Revel’s strawberry cake! Using local strawberries that are roasted for a salivating pop of flavour that only fresh produce can give.

There are over 40 amazing restaurants in Stratford. With everything from international cuisine to classic pub grub you’ll find something to quell your hunger here. But with so many places to eat how do you choose? For the top restaurants in Stratford I have a few recommendations.

Revival House is located in a stunning converted old church and prepares a mix of Canadian and Thai-fusion dishes.

Pazzo Pizzeria is an Italian restaurant with some of the best homemade pasta and pizzas in Stratford.

At Braai House you’ll a fabulous patio and South African inspired cuisine with a modern twist.

One of the most welcoming restaurants in town is Madelyn’s Diner where you’ll find fresh diner fare and THE BEST butter tarts in Ontario!

If you’re looking for tasty treats there are so many great bakeries and cafes in Stratford. A few must-visit ones include Black Angus Bakery, Revel, Edison’s Café Bar, and Balzac’s. Stratford’s Balzac’s location is the first café in the chain that now spans across Ontario.

La Emilia cocktail at Rockwell Lounge
La Emilia cocktail at Rockwell Lounge (which is now closed)

Grab a Drink or Two!

Along with all the great restaurants in Stratford you’ll find a ton of fun places to drink! There’s everything from breweries to cocktail bars! If you’re looking for breweries in Stratford, there are a few. There’s Black Swan and Jobsite.

The Relic Lobby Bar is a fun stop too! This cocktail lounge has a Cuban bartender behind the bar and is filled with quirky décor. Along with a creative cocktail list they have a snack menu too! A couple of great drinks to try are their Singapore Sling and Hemingway Daiquiri! Plus, many of the cocktails come in funky glasses!

Distill Gallery
Distill Gallery

Browse Unique Shops

If you’re anything like me and love exploring and browsing unique shops, then you’ll love Stratford’s shops. Stratford is home to a host of fun, fabulous and unique shops. Many of which showcase goods from local artisans. Shops in Stratford range from clothing to home décor as well as creative gift ideas. All are all about high quality goods that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Whether you’re looking for a cool pair of earrings, one of a kind artwork, theatre inspired goods, or fun gifts, Stratford has a shop for you! Here are a few of my favourites are Harmony for fun clothing, Distill Gallery for unique accessories, Treasures, and Indigena for incredible designs by Canadian Aboriginal Artists.

Oh, and of course, any visit to Stratford isn’t complete without a stop at the Festival Shop! The Festival Shop sells items inspired by Shakespeare and the fabulous shows from the Stratford Festival.

Chase the Bronze Stars

You don’t need to go to Hollywood to find bronze stars! As so many stars flock to Stratford to take part in the Stratford Festival it’s no surprise that the city’s sidewalks are lined with bronze stars. You’ll find everyone from William Shatner to Justin Bieber.

But the Stratford Bronze Stars don’t just recognize celebrities. The City Council, in partnership with the Stratford Festival, also celebrates those that have contributed greatly to both the culture and the social aspects of Stratford.

The Stratford Bronze Stars started back in 2002. At this time five stars were placed in front of the Avon Theatre. If you want to learn more about the bronze stars and the people behind them there’s a Bronze Star Audio Tour available.

Lights On Stratford

Lights On Stratford

One of the newest attractions in the city is Lights On Stratford. This fun winter festival launched in the winter of 2020. Now a new annual tradition, Lights On Stratford brings incredible illuminating art installations to various locations throughout town. The theme changes every year. While this is a perfect excuse to visit Stratford in the winter you don’t have to wait!

Right now you can enjoy their summer and fall pop up light displays on Tom Patterson Island and at the Festival Theatre. If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Stratford Ontario then take an evening stroll along the Avon River and cross the illuminated bridge with its range of colours over to Tom Patterson Island. Here you can enjoy dinner Al Fresco under the stars on the Island that’s lit by strings of lights. At the Festival Theatre you’ll find a large heart that glows at night.

Lights On Stratford is one of the best things to do in Stratford in the winter! The festival runs from mid-December through mid-January.

For more incredible places to see lights check out these Magical Light Displays in Ontario!

More Fun Stratford Activities

Can’t get enough? There are a host of events in Stratford Ontario to keep you busy and coming back for more! There is always something going on in Stratford, from the Swan Parade in the spring to the Christmas Market in December – oh, and don’t forget the Garlic Festival in the fall!

Art in the Park

Art in the Park

For those who love art in all of its formats you’ll definitely want to add Art in the Park to your list of things to do in Stratford. Held from the end of May through to October, on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sundays, Art in the Park can be found along the banks of the Avon River, on Lakeside Drive. Here you’ll find local and regional artists and their incredible works of art. There is everything from oil paintings to sculptures.

A wander through Art in the Park is a great way to get to know some of the local artists. Learn what inspires them or what locations speak to them. Another thing I love about Art in the Park, besides being held outdoors, is the ability to watch the artists in action as they create everything from sculptures to oil paintings. And it’s a perfect place to grab a unique souvenir from your trip.

Visit the Farmers Market

While I’m not an official foodie, I do love a farmers market. They’re always full of great local food, interesting people, and fabulous deals. And Stratford’s Slow Food Market is all of that and more! It features local producers and high-quality goods. You’ll find everything from bread to vegetables and even Revel’s delicious donuts!

You can visit the Stratford Slow Food Market every Sunday, from 10am to 2pm May through October, in Stratford’s Market Square. If you’re visiting Stratford in the winter and wanting to visit the market don’t worry! During the winter months you can find the Market indoors to Festival Square at 10 Downie Street.

Mornington Rose B&B exterior

Explore Historic Buildings

Stratford has so many great historic buildings! Many are unique and iconic like Stratford City Hall but there are more historic buildings to be found. One of my favourite things to do is to simply wander the places I visit.

You never know what hidden gems you might find. If you’re looking for more activities in Stratford then I recommend taking a stroll through the charming and historic neighbourhoods that hug the downtown. My favourite neighbourhood is the one can be found close to the Festival Theatre.

Between Ontario Street and the Avon and flanked by Romeo Street you’ll find one of the loveliest neighbourhoods in Stratford. A wander along Cobourg and Water Streets, as well as those running off each, will give you a taste of Stratford’s history and charm.

Here you’ll find a wealth of historic buildings, many of which have plaques to share when they were built and who once lived there as well as their occupation. There are homes dating back to the mid-1800s and some look like they’re trapped in time. And you’ll also stumble upon some adorable little libraries!

Please note that Water and Cobourg Street are one way streets.

Learn to Cook with Stratford Chefs School

If you love to cook and are looking for a unique experience in Stratford then this is for you! At the Stratford Chef School you can learn from world renowned chefs how to cook everything from fabulous dishes to specific items or even create a whole meal itself. From spring through summer the Chef School offers Open Kitchen Cooking classes for the public. You can check out the list of classes, events and more here.

Travel Tips for Planning a Trip to Stratford

There are so many things to factor in when planning a trip. Especially if it involves travelling to a new destination. Here is everything you’ll need to know about planning a getaway to Stratford Ontario.

Stratford City Hall

Where to Park

There is plenty of places to park in downtown Stratford. There is metered parking along, Erie Street, Cobourg Street, York Street, and Albert Street. But if you’re looking for free parking there is plenty along Lakeside Drive (along the Avon River) and even a large free lot beside the University of Waterloo Campus on Downie Street (called Cooper Lot). From the Cooper Lot you can get to nearly anywhere in the downtown core within 5 to 15 minutes. There is also an electric vehicle charging station at Market Place, beside City Hall.

Here is a handy map.

How to Get to Stratford

Whether you’re looking for a great day trip from Toronto or Niagara Falls, Stratford makes for the perfect destination! Stratford is only two hours west of Toronto and 2 hours from Niagara Falls. If you’re flying in the closet airport to Stratford is the Waterloo regional airport. Other popular airports to fly into include Hamilton International Airport, Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport and the Toronto Island Airport.

Discounts on Stratford Festival

Compared to some theatres, the Stratford Festival has reasonable prices for their seats. But if you are looking for discounts they offer various discounts throughout the season. There are 2-for-1 deals, Lucky $29 deals, and more. Go over and LIKE their Facebook page to be notified of upcoming deals!

Check Hours

Be sure to check for hours of operation before heading to specific shops and cafés. Some open a little later, close early, and have days where they are not open.

Bring a Cooler!

For my last travel tip I encourage you to bring a cooler! YES, that’s right! You won’t be going camping but you’ll be eating a lot during your time in Stratford. So, if you don’t have enough room to eat all the amazing chocolate and goodies you pick up then pack them up in your travel cooler. You’ll thank me when you get home and are craving a taste of Stratford!

What to spend a few great days in Stratford? Then check out this 3 day Stratford Itinerary!

Day Trips from Stratford

With a perfect location to explore more of Perth County, you’ll find a bunch of great places near Stratford to visit! Ranging from quaint small towns to finding a wealth of history, you’ll want to add this day trips from Straford to your itinerary.

Shakespeare shops


How fitting to have a charming little hamlet (pun intended!) named Shakespeare right next door to Stratford? Located a 5-minute drive east, Shakespeare makes for a perfect day trip from Stratford. Dubbed the Antiques Capital of Ontario, Shakespeare is full of incredible antique shops. You’ll find local treasures, international finds, and something you just can’t leave without!

But there’s more than antiques in this little picturesque gem. Looking for a little English culture and goodies you can only find in the United Kingdom? Head to British Touch. Or maybe you’re looking for a treat and a spot of tea? Stop in at the adorable Harry Ten Shilling Tearoom. Here you can enjoy a traditional tearoom, grab treats to go in their bake shop, and browse their ReChic shop full of fabulous goods made by local designers.

If you’re looking for more things to do in Perth County there is a wealth of outdoor activities, small towns to explore, tasty farm gates, and something for everyone – from solo travellers to families!

Castle Kilbride - an Ontario gem

Castle Kilbride

Another great day trip from Stratford is to Castle Kilbride in wee Baden. While it’s not a castle in the traditional sense, Castle Kilbride is full of history, wonder, and hidden treasures like anyone would find in a real castle. This Victorian mansion was built by James Livingstone, a Scottish immigrant who made his fortune here in the flax industry.

Made for his family, three generations lived in Castle Kilbride. Much of their furniture, toys, and other interesting artifacts can be seen in this home turned museum. While there are many reasons to visit Castle Kilbride, one that stands out is its famous art work.

This National Historic Site has some of the best examples of Trompe l’oeil wall and ceiling murals in Canada. Don’t know what Trompe l’oeil is? I didn’t before my visit. It’s French for ‘deceive the eye’. These pieces have hidden images within and will really wow you!

St Marys

Looking for another day trip from Stratford? Consider heading south-west to St.Marys. Only a 20 minute drive from Stratford, St. Marys is a beautiful little town to spend the day exploring. Nicknamed The Stone Town, because of the wealth of limestone in the area many of St. Marys’ buildings in the 19th century were built from it.

This attractive town is home to great shops, cafés, and even its own theatre. And for the nature addict, you can enjoy the Grand Trunk Trail. Running along a section of the old Grand Trunk Railway line the trail has some cool features. Like limestone cliffs, the only original Grand Trunk station in Southwestern Ontario, and panoramic views over town.

Can’t get enough charming small towns? Then you’ll love this list of the best Ontario small towns!

Best Time to Visit Stratford

It’s ALWAYS a good time to visit Stratford! But it all depends on what you’re after, when your vacation time is as well as what you want to see and do.



Spring is a good time to visit Stratford. Things are starting to buzz as the Stratford Festival begins and flowers and trees start to bloom. Also, if you visit in the spring you can enjoy one of Canada’s most unique events. Every spring, Stratford’s famous swans throw a spring fling! Over a weekend in early April the swans take centre stage. And the highlight is the Swan Parade, where the swans parade down Lakeside Drive to the Avon River.


The best things to do in Stratford can be enjoyed in the summer. Summer in Stratford is all about enjoying the city by foot, soaking in the sun on the Avon River and fueling your adventures on their incredible patios. During the summer you can experience Stratford’s award-winning gardens, their Summer Music Series and Art in the Park.


Fall is always my favourite time of year to travel. And fall in Stratford is fabulous. The temperatures are comfortable, the leaves are beginning to change, the vibe is more relaxed, Stratford is less busy but the Theatre is still going strong, and accommodation is usually cheaper. You’ll find a bunch of great stuff to do in Stratford in the fall. There are plenty of fun things to do in the fall, from fall hikes to exploring some of the most haunted places in Ontario! Plus there is a fall fair!


Winter is a fabulous time to explore Stratford as it takes on a whole new ambiance. Blankets of snow create a magical feel and you can enjoy fabulous dining and year round Stratford food trails, like the Chocolate Trail. Plus, for the holiday season leading up to Christmas you can enjoy their Victorian Christmas Trail. It’s the same concept as the other foodie trails but with a Christmas twist. Other things to do in Stratford in the winter include their three day Winterfest, the Christmas market at the Stratford City Hall and the Winter Festival of Lights.

Where to Stay in Stratford

There is a wide variety of places to stay in Stratford. Whether you’re looking for an historic inn or modern hotel, there is something for everyone’s budget. One thing to note when looking for hotels in Stratford is that many book up fast during the Stratford Festival. So, if you plan to visit from May through October be sure you book in advance.

Edison's Inn in Stratford

Edison’s Inn – If you’re looking for a great place to stay right downtown then Edison’s Inn is ideal. This inn is home to three unique and amazing rooms with views of the city or the Avon River. One of these rooms is where Thomas Edison once lived!

The Bruce Hotel – One of the best Stratford hotels is The Bruce Hotel! This luxury hotel is close to the Festival Theatre and has 25 beautiful rooms. The hotel is also home to a restaurant, indoor pool and plenty of unique experiences.

Best Western Plus The Arden Park Hotel – Another great hotel near the Festival Theatre is the Best Western Plus The Arden Park Hotel. This family friendly has a ton of amenities along with the spacious and contemporary rooms.

Parlour Inn – For those looking to stay in a slice of Stratford history then consider staying at the Parlour Inn. Located downtown and close to all the best shops and restaurants, the Parlour Inn has been welcoming guests to Stratford for well over 100 years!

A few other great places I’ve stayed in Stratford include, Forest Motel (please note: they are currently closed), As You Like it Motel, and the charming Morning Rose Bed and Breakfast.

So, next time you’re looking to take a road trip somewhere new or a fun place to keep you busy during your vacation, consider this guide to Stratford to help plan your visit!

I was a guest of Visit Stratford, but as always all thoughts, opinions, and suggestions are my own.

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