Top 10 Hiking Trails in Europe

Europe is so much more than its big cities like Paris, Rome, and Berlin. For outdoor enthusiasts, Europe is home to a wealth of natural beauty in the form of picturesque lakes, towering snow-capped mountains, and epic views. Europe is also home to some of the world’s best hiking trails. And while each country has their own top trails, here are my top hiking trails in Europe.

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Top 10 Hiking Trails in Europe

Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock – Norway

The two hour hike to Norway’s Pulpit Rock will end in a breathtaking view over the gorgeous green valleys of the Ryfylke region.  Set over 600 metres high, Pulpit Rock juts out and is not only one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway but is a one of the most popular hiking trails in Europe.

WHERE: Norway
DISTANCE: 2.6 miles both ways
INTERESTING INFO: Pulpit Rock is 82 feet by 82 feet

Looking for another trail in Norway? Consider hiking the Vidden Trail in Bergen.

GR20 trail – Corsica

Known as the toughest long distance trail in Europe the GR20 trail crosses Corsica from north to south and has variations in height of about 10,000m.  With paths marked with red and white rectangles in rocks the GR20’s highlights include glacier lakes and stunning cliffs.

WHERE: Corsica
DISTANCE: 180km / 112m
INTERESTING INFO: The trail’s name in Corsica is “Fra li monti” meaning ‘across the mountains’

Italy's Dolomites

The Tre Cime Circuit – Italy

The Tre Cimes are the most famous mountains in Italy’s Dolomites. Cima Grande is the highest peak at almost 3000 metres.  Hiking around these epic sharp peaks offers fantastic views at every step.  Trails around the Tre Cime come in both easy and challenging.

WHERE: Italy
DISTANCE: approximately 7 – 11km / 4.5 – 7m
INTERESTING INFO: Tre Cime means 3 peaks

Laugavegurinn trail – Iceland

Described by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful hikes in the world, Laugavegurinn is located in south-west Iceland.  The trail takes you from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork and by a variety of stunning landscapes from mountains to glaciers and hot springs to lava fields.

WHERE: Iceland
DISTANCE: 53km / 33m
INTERESTING INFO: Laugavegurinn translates to ‘hot spring route’

The Camino

The Camino – Spain

Hiking the Camino has been on my dream hiking list for over 10 years now, after reading Shirley MacLaine’s book.  The Camino, also called The Way of Saint James, is a pilgrimage that has been walked by pilgrimages since the 9th century.  Though many still walk it for religious reasons there is now an influx of those who walk it for their own spirituality, personal reasons, or merely the challenge and experience.

WHERE: Varying routes across Europe through Spain, to the tomb of St. James de Compostela
DISTANCE: Depends on which route you choose and where you start
INTERESTING INFO: The symbol of The Camino is the scallop shell – used as markers along the trails, on pilgrim hostels and often sewn on a pilgrim’s gear or clothing

Eagle’s Walk – Austria

The Eagle’s Walk trail runs through Austria’s Tirol and runs the whole length of the country from east to west.  From the Kaiser Mountain Range to Arlberg the Eagle’s Walk trail is composed of 24 segments and passes through the heart of the Alps.

WHERE: Austria
DISTANCE: 320km / 200m
INTERESTING INFO: Eagle’s Walk symbolizes the spread of an eagle’s wing over the country

Cinque Terre

Blue Path – Italy

The Cinque Terre region is located on Italy’s north-western coast and known as the Italian Riviera.  This stretch of rugged coastline connects five villages, with some of the most popular hiking trails in Europe. And hiking between its villages offers postcard-worthy views, paths leading through ancient vineyards, and many steep hills. Note that not all sections of the Blue Path are open at all time due to safety issues.

WHERE: Italy
DISTANCE: 13km / 8m
INTERESTING INFO: The main route, Sentierro Azzurro (Blue path) connects all 5 villages

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Lycian Way

Lycian Way – Turkey

I was inspired to hike the Lycian Way after reading about a fellow travel blogger’s piece on her amazing journey.  The Lycian Way is a fairly recent hiking trail that takes you along Turkey’s southern coast, with the trail between the coast and mountains for a scenic hike.  The trails also leads you through and past many ancient ruins.

WHERE: Turkey – from Fethiye to Antalya
DISTANCE: 540km / 335m
INTERESTING INFO: The trail follows many old Roman roads


Slovenian Mountain trail – Slovenia

Hiking the Slovenian Mountain trail will take you into a fairy tale book and lead you by beautiful lakes, Mediterranean vineyards and the mysterious Pohorje primaeval forest before ending in the coastal village of Ankaran.  Much like the Camino there is a passport-like stamp book for the Slovenian Mountain trail, which is a great reminder of an awesome journey.

WHERE: Slovenia
DISTANCE: 500km / 310m
INTERESTING INFO: The Slovenian Mountain trail is the oldest hiking track in Europe

Tour du Mont Blanc – France

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain, at over 15,000 feet, in the European Union and home to one of the most popular hiking trails in Europe.  The Tour du Mont Blanc hike circles Mont Blanc and passes through France, Italy and Switzerland.  The trail takes you through picturesque meadows with mountain views and forest to storybook alpine villages.

WHERE: France
DISTANCE: 170km / 105m
INTERESTING INFO: There is an Ultra-marathon every year along the Tour du Mont Blanc with winning times around 20 hours.

Which are your favourite hiking trails in Europe?

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Top 10 Hiking Trails in Europe


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10 Responses

  1. did the Lycian Way in Turkey in March for 8 days only 😀 but amaaaazing 😀 also being it my first experinece with longer trekking, jesus it was soo hard but so rewarding!

  2. For sure, many hikers and climbers are dying to reach these tops. Some of the great hiking trails that I know are on this list. They must be part of your bucket list.

  3. Joanna says:

    Useful post, it’s nice you mentioned Slovenia 🙂 Have you also considered hiking in Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Romania, Poland etc.)?

    • Stephanie says:

      I’ve heard Slovenia is full of natural beauty. As for the rest of Europe I’d love to hike in every country! Have you hiked in any of those countries?

      • Joanna says:

        Julian Alps in Slovenia are amazing, like all other Alps 🙂 I’m really happy we’ve got such beautiful mountains in Europe 🙂

        I’m from Poland and go hiking at least once in a month 🙂 Since Slovakia’s so close and there are also great mountains I hike there regularly, few times per year. Romania is on my bucket list – beautiful mounts and very affordable prices.

        I encourage everyone to visit Polish and Slovakian mountains because I feel they’re a bit underrated among hikers…

      • Stephanie says:

        All three are on my bucket list!! Thanks so much for your tips Joanna! If you ever would like to write a piece on one of your hikes for my Trails Around the World Series please let me know!

  4. MG says:

    This is going to sound so silly – but I always think of cities and cobblestone streets when I think of Europe! I had no idea there were so many beautiful hikes. I especially love your photo from Pulpit Rock in Norway.. What a view! I think I need to re-think my travel plans for the next year and head to Europe 😉

    • Stephanie says:

      That’s not silly at all! Europe is so much more than its beautiful cities. I hope you get to Europe and get to explore its stunning natural beauty!

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